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Once a thing is known and understood, it is very difficult to 'un-know' it. Some of the links here present speculative information. Some are alledgedly eye witness reports. Some are compilations of materials by experts in those fields. Some information is brought through mediums ostensibly originating beyond the personality of the person presenting it. Some link to product sites - these products all raise body frequency and can greatly enhance physical life.

Please print, copy and paste or e-mail any information you find interesting, helpful or uplifting. Do the exercises some people provide if they interest you, don't just read them.
These links are presented in no particular order.


Phil Schneiders Last Lecture - It Seems he was for real - research him yourself.

Fourth Density Relationships

Gregg Braden Home Pages

The MERU Foundation Find people

Drunvalo Melchizedeks Personal Website

Day of Destiny - Mayan Studies

The Con-Trail Connection - Chemical Spraying of World Citizens

The Family of Michael - Circles of Light

Green Peace Home Page

How Stuff Works!

The New Physics - It's all over except the whining

The Present Moment

Barbara Marciniak - Pleiadian Channelings

Pantheon of the Great Brotherhood of Light

The Probabilities Network

The Human Body Viewer - Graphic JAVA Interface

Ruby 2zday

Chicken Head

Anomolous Images

The Clinton Chronicles

You Might be Somebody Else

The Sun Cruiser

David Icke - Are There Aliens Among Us?


No matter who they vote for they always vote for us.

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