We have managed to narrow our focus to the tasks before us and just get through another week, another day for some.

Those people making it through another 'day' won't likely be reading this. They may have some understanding of why, what seems like the world, has ended for them. In the microcosm they can relate to death, starvation and diseases. These things are immediate in that world. Anyone 'online' making it one day at a time at least has a chance.

You see death, how many times on televisions, in movies, in magazines, sometimes up close. You don't have to make a decision though about leaving your childs body behind as soldiers advance through your town, yet. You won't ever actually bury a loved one. Chances are you'll never even touch the body after they die.

While your body does indeed starve you can secure things to eat, with or without money. Using some sense you can even eat things that will nourish the body. Many peoples have no access to food. There is NO shortage of food. There is no shortage of money.

Fighting off disease is a way of life in the english speaking world. Pharmaceutical companies help make you sick so they can sell you medicines and treatments. Meanwhile real cures are suppressed and millions die annually from easily curable diseases. Even in the wealthiest countries.

The figure will change but I understand the 2002/2003 budget for the USA is proposed at 348 billion dollars. What if we just give a billion dollars to every American over 12 years old and we'll take care of ourselves? The rest in trust until more turn 12 years old. It could be doled out in hundred million dollar increments so we don't spend irresponsibly. No extra missles. No new federal projects. No more welfare or social security required. AND an across the boards price freeze on everything.
We can just pick up the same place next year.

Perhaps you read about the 'earth changes' expected/predicted. Things can't be too severe for you if you're surfing the net. Some places on earth are experiencing 'earth changes' that will leave life unrecognizable for those people.
War, weather, famines, droughts - all happening outside your 'world' most probably.
Somewhere in the 40 second 'world minute' news reports so popular on local and national news programs America is notified that something bad happened somewhere.


Some suggested reading.

"The Murder of Christ" by Wilhelm Reich.

"Prometheus Rising" by Robert Anton Wilson.

Both books.

Know yourself and you'll know everyone else.
I promise.
All those expected and predicted earth changes were internalized by many people here, consciously and unconsciously.
All the turmoil and upheaval in your life was the result.
Perhaps a disease.
Perhaps death.
If you are able, read those books.
A good start.

Fight the Future