So You Think You Can Tell Heaven From Hell

Do you suppose our governments and the people never elcted that control them would lie about almost everything?

Can you imagine a net of control so far reaching as to encompass all American news medias?

Large newspapers established themselves in the USA as a political and social power. The owners and stock holders became wealthy. When radio came along it was seen as a powerful tool and to insure that it would never be misused, and to get a slice of the pie, the federal government claimed licenses were required to run a radio station.

The owners of such stations should be acquainted with the mass media field so newspaper owners were given or purchased the first licenses.

When television came along it was obvious that when issuing television broadcast licenses the recipients should have some experience in the field - BINGO! Same old white men that got the radio permits got the television licenses.

So there is an old, in-bred affilliation of men that are allowed by law to disseminate information, in the form of news or television and radio programming.

Everything on broadcast network television is part of one big commercial and you know what it says.

You have had to come some distance to get to this web page.

Consider it is being written directly to you.

Wake up.

Nothing is what it seems.

Who are you and what do you want?

Oh, that's right - 
you don't know, 
do you?