Anyone remembering this scene may want to search your memory thoroughly.

These little bastards are responsible for millions of damaged human psyches.

Not currently operating freely, the abductions, implanting, egg and sperm theft has dropped way off.

The number of people that simply diappear has been on the increase. Nothing is being reported in any news mediums. Finding hard numbers has become difficult.

In 1999, approximately 866,000 children were reported missing in the US. That's 2,372 a day.

Some run away to join the circus, sure. Some are running away from dear old mom and dad. Some are even taken by a parent that has strong feelings about custody.

Two thousand three hundred seventy two every day.

These are the ones that are reported to the extent that the information got into a national data base. There must be some that go missing but never make it to the national figures that get a few minutes of precious 'air time' during a news broadcast once a year.