Planet X

Greetings Humanity.

Many of you seem really pissed off that Planet X has not yet ended your lives in a flaming hell. A certain number of Iraqis and Afganis and Palistinians have gotten this wish in the past few years though. Thay've never even HEARD of Planet X, not much about Jesus and might be surprised there is a hit TV show called, 'Fear Factor'.

You folks think that life would be better AFTER a brown dwarf rips through your planets' little electro-magnetic fields turning things upside down and inside out? We are not hearing many prayers here begging for it to NOT be really coming. It seems as if you folks WANT this whole thing either over and done or to bump up to the next level.

You got no idea what 'over and done' means OR what the hell the 'next level' is about!

And what's with this 'ascension' crap? Go ahead - ascend! Who's stopping ya? The lizards? The NWO? Demons? Freaking Pez dispensers?? That's it, isn't it? PEZ!!! All it takes is one! And, should you succeed, where do you imagine you are going to go?

Got a cigarette? C'mon! Ain't got all day.

Guess what? Copernicus phoned! The universe doesn't revolve around YOU after all!

It goes on with or without your participation.

You could turn to dust right now and things would roll along pretty much the same. I was just saying, "Christ, things never change." He says 'It's one thing after another' - "Bullshit - it's the same thing over and over again," I says. One thing after another would be cake! Movement! Evolution! But the same thing again and again and again, well, that's nuts.

Imagine there's no heaven. It's easy if you try...

It isn't all it's cracked up to be folks. You're talkin the upper realms of the fourth dimension. It ain't 'heaven'. Now, those of you that keep your bodies and translate yourselves through fourth density into fifth and beyond in many cases, now, that may seem much more heaven-like, still, it ain't 'it'.

See, you folks made the idea of heaven up from your fragmented memories of the Original Garden, as you can grasp it. Then, poets, painters, sculpters, politicians, priests and scholars crafted versions of heaven so that everyone could latch on to at least one.

You also located 'God' there, in Heaven. Although modern thinking places 'Him' everyplace people still consider 'Heaven' is somewhere else. As if somehow the mainfestation of 'Heaven' naturally around 'God' is somehow impeded on earth.

And now, well, for quite some time, there has been a tendancy to avoid responsibilities whenever possible by humans. If that damn Planet X thing would only destroy what's jokingly referred to as, 'civilization', no one would have to face up to anything.

You got religious types praying for your souls salvation, praying for your eternal damnation, praying you stop/start/win/lose/ whatever the most recent war is I gotta tell ya the freakin switchboard here is jammed and the chaos factor is through the roof.

Get a grip!

Stop - Drop and Roll a smoke or have a beer.

You better get to know each other and if you even want a shot at getting out of this mess, treat each other better. I glance through message boards and see brain doners rip up one post after another, as if YOU got all the answers.

Arrogant fucking Christians - wimped out spiritualists - cynical ex-new wagers - doing your best to hurt instead of help.

Planet X? Comin some time, sure. Maybe it's hidden by a fold in space itself, try that on. Maybe some ETs have not been as truthful as they could have been concerning its orbit. Maybe YOU don't know what year, month or time it REALLY IS RIGHT NOW!!!