Things Change

Thank You to the hundreds of thousands of You for taking the time to visit here. I have spent many hours creating these places. While increasing my computer skills I learned about many other things along the way.

Not everything in here is a serious matter because Sirius just doesn't matter much any more.

Some things are true.

Some are totally fiction.

As I grew I created more websites each with a broader understanding behind them. Each with a humorous slant because it's FUNdamental.

The Earth really IS NOW in a major change.

So are You!

TV News isn't going to clue you in.

Every 'News' medium is totally controlled and censored, almost prohibited from giving any news of value at all. The Internet has been much harder to control.

Oh, you'll find plenty of crazy stuff and scary stuff, scenarios of every flavor. Plenty of people selling stuff in the New Wage community.

There are also various degrees of the truth out there too.

We are heading for Clear Space, ACE!

If You are really interested, I mean just all a twitter over anything in here, drop me a note and I'll e-mail You back.

Thank You.

Alxander Raven

*All Raven Retreat Reservations are being handled in the Data Entry Dept*