Imprint upon imprint. From the formation of a brain in a fetus safe within a womb, messages, emotional chemical electrical imprints impact in the primary circuits of the developing brain/memory up through birth and during infancy when words have no meanings and pictures are only colors and shapes. You are imprinted with the hopes, dreams and fears that belong to your parents before you are even born.

Birthed in an un-natural physical position, meeting the 'world' with a slap on the ass and having to pull hospital fragranced air into raw lungs to survive is a terrible way to bring new life onto the planet. Breathing never develops naturally and almost every human breathes so shallow they are oxygen deprived all their life.

By the stage when words have meaning you have heard and been told 'NO' thousands and thousands of times, not only by your parents, other authority figures as well. Starting with such a 'clean slate' of a brain, everything within the awareness of the young child is imprinted, layer over layer, year after year. At the age of about seven memory moves from 'photographic' to 'associative' retrieval methods.

No one knows what a 'normal and healthy' developing brain and body is like, or capable of. Without delving into the hardships and dysfunctions of family life throughout history just consider contemporary influences that inhibit 'normal and healthy' development of physical brain, non-physical mind and the body human.

At some stage in life a person believes they are now 'in control' of themselves and can select what they wish to study, to eat, to play. They make their own decisions. Most people simply re-act to stimuli with a stored repetoire' of emotions and activities. There is no decision made.

The human mind/body can be divided into eight 'circuits'. Eight 'systems' - for the purpose of discussion. You are of course whole and undivided. One part of your consciousness is not higher another lower. They work together and are all parts required to make one whole indiviual human being. Understanding these circuits and how to influence them is how those you consider your 'leaders', 'rulers', 'monarchs' and 'deities' control you to serve their interests, not your own.

'Know thyself and to thine own self be true.'

Eight basic bio-electric systems. From Robert Anton WIlson based in work by Timothy Leary, Carl Jung, Sigmund Frued, Leonard Orr and others

1. The Oral Bio-Survival Circuit: This is impinted by the mother or the first mothering object and conditioned by subsequent nourishment or threat. It is primarily concerned with sucking, feeding, cuddling and body security. It retreats mechanically from the noxious or predatory or from anything associated ( through conditioning or imprinting ) with noxious or predatory.

2. The Anal-Emotional Territorial Circuit: This is imprinted in the 'toddler' stage when the infant first rises up, walks and begins to struggle for power within the family structure. This mostly mammalian circuit processes territorial rules, emotional games, or cons, pecking order and rituals of domination and submission.

3. Time Binding Semantic Circuit: This is imprinted and conditioned by human artifacts and symbols systems. It handles and packages the environmet, classyfying everything according to the local reality tunnel. Invention, calculation, prediction and transmitting signals across generations are its functions.

4. Moral Socio-Sexual Circuit: This is imprinted by the first orgasm/mating experience and conditioned by tribal taboos. It processes sexual pleasure, local definations of right and wrong, reproduction, adult parenting personality and nurturing the young.

These circuits have existed for millions of years and in all mammals. How they develop and how they are used to control entire populations as well as indivuals will be further examined. The next four circuits are much newer and exist only in minorities within larger groups, and now, individuals. These next circuits represent our future, the first four our history up to now.

5. Holistic Neurosomatic Circuit: This is imprinted by ecstatic experience via biological or chemical yogas. It processes mind/body feedback loops, somatic sensory bliss, feeling 'high', 'faith healing', etc. Tantra yoga is concerned with shifting consciousness entirely into this circuit.

6. Collective Neurogenic Circuit: This is imprinted by advanced yogas - bio-chemical - electrical stresses. It processes DNA/RNA brain feedback systems and is collective in that in contains and has access to the whole evolutionary 'script', past, present and future. Experience in this circuit is thought to be 'mystical', sometimes mind shattering. Here dwell the archetypes of the 'Collective Uncounscious', Gods, godesses, demons, trolls and other personifications of the DNA progams ( instincts ) that govern us.

7. Meta-programming Circuit: Imprinted by very advanced yogas. It can reprogram and reimprint all other circuits, even itself making possible a conscious choice between alternate universes - reality tunnels.

8. Non-Local Quantum Circuit: This is imprinted by shock, near death, OBEs, ESP, clairsentience, precognition. It tunes the brain into the non-local quantum communications system expressed by Bohm, Walker, Sarfatti, Bell and other physicists.

Oral Bio Survival Circuit

"The wiring of this circuit, in primitive form, occurred in the first organisms between three and four billion years ago. In the modern human this structure remains in the brain stem and in the automatic ( involuntary ) nervous sytem where it is interconnected with the endocrine and other life supporting sytems. It is also referred to as 'The Lizard Brain'.

This is why disturbances on this circuit act all over the body at once and generally take the form of physical symptoms rather than mental symptoms.

Your earliest imprints are food and safety, intended by nature to be found immediately after birth in mother. Comfort, warmth, gentle touch, food - all rolled into single sweeping experience upon birth creating an imprint on a waiting set of biological imperitives set in DNA.

We set out to explore the environment physically and emotionally and look for what is safe and friendly learning to shy away from anything frightening.
The infants world expands slowly within a family group including friends and caregivers. A safe perimeter is established allowing exploration in safety - ideally.

Events can create an impression that the world is not safe in one area, two areas, or within a whole range of circumstances. The infant is not yet walking and is still pre-language but will make life long imprints out of events it really does not understand except in terms of its very limited experience.

Bio Survival as a child depends almost entirely on the goodwill of others, usually the parents. As a child grows and becomes more and more 'independent', their dependency shifts to the 'state'.

Bio Survival today means accumulating and exchanging money to provide the food, safety, warmth and often the gentle touch required to maintain the life and health of your body. Your independence is totally dependent upon the continuation of a monetary system based in fantasy and fraud as well as the continuation of the government that controls it.

Losing access to money, an abstraction in itself, is a threat to the bio survival circuit.

The actual physical needs of the human to survive and evolve, interaction with the gene pool, food, shelter, family - has been mediated first with money. Not the actual things one needs but a representation of the ability to purchase those things.

Keeping it up front in every form of media that you too could lose your; job, savings, stocks, IRA, wallet or purse keeps this circuit in a constant state of emergency, although in real time, right now, there is no emergency.

Loss of job brings a devasting loss of tribal acceptance within whatever group you had around your work. Rarely does ones quality of life improve immediately after being fired.

In an infant, even one without any money, unless they are hungry, cold or in pain - the bio survival circuit does not feel threatened. It does not yet spend time imagining 'bad thigs' that might happen.

By keeping 'news' about possible food or water shortages ongoing, or, reporting actual problems someplace else your first circuit feels threatened and so do you.


Anal-Emotional Territorial Circuit

The second circuit is concerned entierly with power politics. This 'patriotic' circuit is built into all vertabrates and is perhaps 500 million to a billion years old. In the modern human it seems to be centralized in the thalamus - the 'back brain/old brain/lizard brain' and is linked with the voluntary nervous system and muscles.

This circuit actualizes as the infant begins the 'toddler' stage. Standing and walking, mastering gravity, overcoming obstacles, the politics of manipulating others to our own ends.

Depending mostly on accidents of the environment, the child is imprinted as it tries different physical and emotional challenges. The child develops dominant or submissive tendencies as it establishes itself a position in its tribe, family, community.

Humans are primates and the standard autority reflex of the second circuit causes the muscles to swell and the primate to howl. The standard submission reflex causes muscles to shrink, the head lowers and one crawls away. The second circuit is chiefly imprinted by the nearest alpha male, usually the father.

The second circuit is what is called 'the ego'. The Ego is the mammalian recognition system of ones status within the pack/tribe/family/community. Ego deals heavily with territory.

Imprinting in this circuit can cause conscious or unconscious shaping of the body. If the child has had pleasant explorations within the first circuit development and is successful gaining physicl mastery it is on the road to a more dominant type personality. If it has had a hard time in infancy and trouble overcoming challenges as it learns to stand and walk, a submissive type is in the making. Generally speaking.

Muscular types develop in more dominant children. Taller too. Submissive types are shorter, rounder. Again, generally speaking.

Second circuit development includes awareness of your own body as your property/territory. An awareness of your toys and clothes as property/territory. This circuit involves toilet training and this is very traumatic in itself. Making the shift from first circuit comforts and absolutely NO responsibilities to toilet training and solid foods is a total change in lifestyle for a child.

Primates mark territory with bodily excretions. Most commonly urine and feces. Consider how much language is taken up with phrases having the word 'shit' in them.

Your second circuit is made up of your personl world, your belongings, your body, your bed, your room if you have one, your house, apartment, car, lands. Your second circuit recognizes these as yours and watches for threats.

Time Binding Semantic Circuit

The first circuit, Bio Survival, divides the world into two catagories; Things that are good for me/nourishing, and things that are bad for me/threatening.

The second circuit, Emotional/Territorial, also divedes the world into two catagories; Those that are more powerful than me and those that are less powerful than me.

The third circuit, The Time Binding Semantic Cuircuit allows us to sub-catagorize, sub-divide parts of the first two circuits at leisure. The mental chatter or internal monologue that goes on constantly making decisions and judgements and trying on different ideas and scenarios mentally. Often called, 'The Mind'.

The neurological components of the first circuit go back billions of years. Coined 'The Reptile Brain'. The second circuit emerging about 500,000,000 to 1,000,000,000 years ago. The thrid circuit developing a few hundred thousand years ago, giving rise to the human brain. Rational thinking emerged, but, it was and still is easily confused and manipulated by threat to ones life or status in the pack.

Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake in 1600 for teaching that the earth moves. What a perceived threat as well as a real threat to the strangle hold religions had on politics and science. People don't take well to change. The third circuit gives depth and a sense of time to the human personality. Not time in a real sense but time as a concept.

Third circuit imprinting is responsible it seems for the preferred use of the right hand in humans. Other primates are ambidexterous. The right hand associates with the left hemisphere of the brain which includes verbal skills and larnyx control - speech. The left hemisphere is busy making calculations and judgements and cross-references constantly. Even with all this internal discussion and comparison, dislodging old paradigms, superstitions and schools of 'scientific thought' change slow and hard.

Actually doing something, making a change socially, has been relegated to the legal arena which makes change take interminably longer. Not only does the collection of evidence preoccupy many hours that could be better spent but the volumes of evidence it seems people are pre-disposed to collect is staggering. Usually one collects evidence to support a proposed theory. Rarely does someone find evidence to prove something they were not already expecting.

Now, even with multitudes of evidence, legal battles ensue that take years, decades or more with millions of dollars being spent to prove or disprove the evidence. The popularity of 'Blogging', writing a web-log is the third circuit at work.

The first two cicuits are based in negative/positive feedback. Answers seem clear cut and definitive. The third cicuit allows for wide exploration of ideas and events, experienced or not, although a wide arena for exploration, societal rules have always kept the third circuit in check. No culture has yet let loose the whole capacity of this circuit.

Whether restraints be religious, political, nationalistic, racial, sexual, cultural or just ignorance, the third circuit, the 'thinking mind' has never been unleashed fully. Even within the confines of your own private mental fantasies and wonderings there are topics you won't allow yourself to even examine in your thoughts.

All that catagorizing, comparisons, projections, expectations - all this 'thinking' takes a person out of the 'now', and creates 'time'.

This third circuit is activating finally in handfuls of people now, soon spreading. It has to. Events are quickening as the mental capabilities and understandings of the leading edge of evolving humans continues to expand. Freedom of thought, of speech, of self expression - these UNalienable rights, as the original wording had it, will rise to the forefront.

Moral Socio-Sexual Circuit

When puberty kicks in and the sexual organs are activated, the body changes dramatically and quickly. New sexual urges induced by the hormonal changes are usually made even more confusing by the societal 'rules' concerning sexual expression.

The adolesent is extremely impressionable and easily imprinted during this time. Earlier imprinting on the sexual circuit is quite possible and happens often but would not be considered 'the norm'. As easily as the imprints occur it is easy to understand the number and range of sexual fetishes that exist. Cultures developed ritual 'rites of passage' in an effort to steer boys and girls in the direction the culture would like.

With the rights of passage a clear denotation of child to adulthood was marked. The person knew what was expected of them. As in religious rituals that recognize a certain yearly age as the point of entering the culture as an adult and being told what is expected. Government agencies, school, religions, gangs, families - all practice some sort of rights of passage for their members.

There is only one encompassing rule about sexuality on earth, and that is that there WILL be rules!

The divergence of sexual practices throughout history and in the contemporary world is staggering. 'Rules' that have come and gone and some that are still mandated by law, either governmental or religious or both, abound. Regionally, nationally and culturally - accepted sexual practices vary wildly.

Using Mr. Wilsons analogy; if the US President wanted to be re-elected, getting married to his sister would not bode well.

The Pharoah, God-King of Egypt - was required by law to marry his sister.

Some religions maintain a man may have many wives, others state monagamy as the only acceptable practice in 'gods' eyes. And it better be a hetero-sexual monagamous union as well, and not be younger than 18, or 21 depending on what US state you are in. And partners may only use approved positions at the risk of eternal damnation.

There are so many 'unknowns' in sexuality that terrified our domesticated primate fore-fathers. Why are people attracted to particular other people? Not attracted? Why do some conceive and others cannot? Why twins? Triplets? Still births? Why are some babies born 'defective' and others perfect? Morality laws and governmental laws attempt to control these things. Priests and Shaman alike handle the newborn after having joined the parents, all in accordance with 'gods' will.

Millions of people seek forgiveness from priests for having even THOUGHT about having sex. Then actually PAY for having been forgiven. Deciding that you and your god have the right set of rules that everyone should follow when it comes to sex is beyond ridiculous, it's insane. Of course YOUR religious dogma is correct, dear reader, it's those OTHER people that are nuts.

Almost everyone operates on the first two circuits, some on the first three, a few on the first four.
A summary of the next four circuits is being prepared.
For the full story, buy 'Prometheus Rising' by Robert Anton Wilson.