To Your Landscape Plan

Hi John and Linda! I wanted to send an email and this is almost as easy, hopefully more entertaining and still serve the purpose intended. I may not be ready for you before Saturday, so, we may leave during the day Saturday and head south. I will call Friday a.s.a.p.

There are some things I'd like to discuss on the phone, yet, here is an out-line I feel is important as to the order that things get done for the landscape and deck. I expect John will be able to help with the deck thru-out yet to save time and expense, I will continue landscaping 'during' deck construction assisting John. There are areas of the deck he can certainly handle alone as well. The Las Crruces Clerk-Debbie- says this is a "Residential Addition" and must have a permit. The cost is exponential to the cost of the deck. So, you are building it yourselves and we will have a lumber figure for them. They do require 2 sets of plans and I will find out if they must be 'Archetect Certified', or can be just a blue-print. The Permit shouldn't exceed $100 dollars.


This will be divided into sections, installation phases that I can do in sections that make sense.

1 - Burn yard - Scrape - Burn - Rake


2 - 20 yards clean fill delivered - 10 yards compost delivered - Strip front yard cinder and move to back - grade clean fill and compost - Grade - Rototill Grass and Planting areas


3 - Trench for Irrigation and Electric - Install valves, Timer, Hose Bibs, Pipe, Risers, Test System - Backfill, Grade - Install heads at temporary level - Install all plant material except sod


4 - Deck Footings - Viga Roof Supports In - Floor Framed - Wiring - Floor - Banco - Frame Roof - Sheath Roof - Install Tin - Install All Lighting in back yard


5 - Flagstone Paths and Steps - NW Seating Area Falgstone - Stone Border for Planting Areas - Install Sod - Install Natural Style Fountain


6 - Dig Sweat Lodge and Grade - Install Stone - Install Covering


7 - Fabric Front and Back yards - Deliver Round gravle for back yard - Sante' Fe' Brown type for front yard - Install 'Foresteria' in front yard west wall - Install mounding type Juniper front yard - Insatll Gravle front and back - Install Accent Stones