Non Blog

And you wanna know why? Oh, I'll tell you. I FINALLY get around to setting up a section where I can keep current letters, posts at message boards, observations and rants - a BLOG - and I find out that sure - Blogging is free. Relatively.
And anyone can answer or comment on your little essays or poems, still for free.
BUT - there's a never ending list of who gets to collect information from anyone reading a blog page and GOD FORBID you ever answer or comment! they will scoop out the innards of your PC and sift through whatever you got there for personal information.
It's bad enough all the things you have in your PC that gets collected when you visit most websites. The whole Blog thing though is made to look so folksy and personal, or you can customize it to look like your online newsletter - 'free'.

But your little blog page collects enough info for your blog page host to make money selling the data from your visitors, and yours too. So while this may seem 'blog like', it ain't a blog page.

Firewalls, the things that keep you private and annonymous online, are about to become illegal if the Federal US Coverment gets its way.
There's a landmark, todats date, 3/30/03. All you numerologists can lose your mind now except there is a
2003 involved that throws a wrench in the revelation werks.

So, March 30, 2003. No flying cars yet. Staretd my 'Blog' page after a dissapointment understanding the rip-off nature of the whole blogging thing. With so much of the internet that simply doesn't WORK coming across the next generation of online scams was disheartening.

Screw it.

March 30, 2003 - Everyone Still Fighting

In moves that were really no surprise to anyone, billions of humans continued fighting amongst themselves today and the trend is expected to continue as long as they are physically able to gather enough strength to focus haterd at another. In related news most Americans are returning to a simpler lifestyle and learning to live with less. Less money, healthcare, representation, less education - all around less of everything.

March 30, 2003 - Matrix Snares Everyone

Worldwide television coverage of the invasion of Iraq has resulted in a boon for the Matrix/Hologram/Disease that is the US Coverment. So much attention has been placed on the concept of war that several new wars are now able to be generated thanks to your unconscious support energetically. Flushed with success with the terror generating campaign which yielded excess tonnage of terror, the war camp pain is fueled for years to come.

March 30, 2003 - Television Programming Returns To Normal

Finally, you'll be able to catch up on soaps and E.R. reruns. TV bradcasting of the invasion of Iraq is not paying off as well as the networks had hoped. Simply not enough explosions. FOX and CBS are supplying hundreds of Patriot missiles in hopes of beefing up ratings. Negotiations for launch during sagging Thursday night primetime slots are underway with the Pentagon and Bagdad. Unless more live-on-air death and destruction can be arranged the Mary Tyler Moore Show will be airing on all CBS affiliates soon and the FOX Cops Channel will come online weeks ahead of plan.

March 30, 2003 - End'O'The World Immenent

Although there is much disagreement as to the exact time and method, it has generally been agreed by most of the earths human population that the end of humanity, perhaps all life, is definitly at hand. While this has come a relief for many 'end time' watchers, a great number of humans have been caught by surprise. With little time to make ammends or 'balance karma', millions are converting to Catholicism to be granted absolution, be forgiven of past sins. There is a small fee.

April 1, 2003 - Working on Raven Worlds

Working on a new section. Adding pages explaining how things work and why things break. I'll be busy at that and a new Diodes section.
The work on the RavenWare and Raven Worlds sections have gone so slowly. Certainly there have been other projects put first and yet I can't help but notice that the reason I am making these new sections, hell, any new additions, keep changing.
Number one reason for doing anything is that I enjoy it. Often that rule gets superceded by doing things for pay.
Next reason is that I am a writer. I examine myself and world through writing quite often. It allows me to focus and organize ideas into a format I can then subjectively examine.
The section that will show up first in Raven Worlds - as planned now - will be a summary of Robert Anton Wilsons work, Dr. Timothy Learys' work, Dr. Wilhelm Reichs' work with observations and connections made by myself, based in the work of everyone else that has been here before me.
This non-blog thing is a way to keep a record of the evolution of this website and current states of affairs world wide.
I know that those of you finding this place online were meant to find it.
Here is a present
Starting Point
This page opens on a number of informational sources I suspect you will find useful. It will be updated occaisionally.
Oh - Happy New Year!
You know who you are.

April 4, 2003 - Working Again

Working again on a section lifted mostly from 'Prometheus Rising', by Robert Anton Wilson.
With all the websites concerned about 'mind control', some information of how it is actually done on a mass, every day basis would be of interest.
I am disconnecting from radio and television more each day. Alternative news websites are beginning to read pretty much the same.
There has been ample evidence collected on any number of topics to warrent immediate action, and yet, debates and evidence collections roll on.
Some things just are not funny any more.

April 6, 2003 - Time Again

Clocks move ahead one hour at 2 AM.
Why not just jump over April and get on with May?
Some work got done on my new Diodes section - get protection from the ever increasing sea of electromagnetic radiations.
Can you hear me now?
BUT I stopped in at Godlike Productions and got distracted by the idiot posts and the few half formed questions managed as topics for discussion.
Less chit, more chat.
New folks are on the Raven Worlds payroll.
Mr. Peabody, Zandar the Ornate and Fat Charlie the Arch Angel will be helping out around here it seems. Perhaps doing a few articles and message board posts.

April 12, 2003 - Planet X And Saddam H

Well, rumor has it that the Yellowstone Club of Big Sky Montana has a few new residents. You recall of course it is where the former Shah of Iran was tucked away after the USA ferried him out of Iran?
And Planet X is beginning to piss off a lot of folks that were planning on having the world end in a flaming hell this spring.
Not that it isn't still a possibility.
Just that folks have things to do, plans to make, checks to cash and such.
Leaving the rest of this commentary up to Fat Charlie.
I've got work to do.

April 25, 2003 - Where Did April Go?

Time is speeding up no doubt about it.
Before I get crashed again, 'Doomz Daze'.
A little bit about the end'o'the world.

April 28, 2003 - Crash and Beep

Yeah - good thing I managed to get just the Doomz Daze thing posted. PC crashes, freezes, self-installing dialers - any of you hackers or spammers reading this now get the hell out of my website!
Alright, some news catch-up - Aziz, Saddams' #2, is getting one of Bonnie Prince Charlies castles to live out his life with his wife and family. Exiled on a few hundred prime acres with only 30 or 40 rooms and barely enough wait staff to handle the meals AND chores.
The Fed in the USA is counting on the public being sick of hearing about corporate scandle so the financial rape of Iraq will go as un-heralded as the rape of the people.
Zimbawe - more slaughter.
Home front - if I get to a loaded gun before I get to a dentist, I'm all done.
Half a dozen nearby comets have been spotted in the past month.
Worth mentioning, the FCC is about to give total control of the radio and TV and as much of the internet as possible to Shubs friends and the Fed.

May 4, 2003 - A Sucker Born Every Minute

The statue comes down.
'Fate' brings together a massive crowd of about 50, now liberated Iraqis, a block and tackle with a rope thick enough to moor a battleship, all the network camera crews, a couple guys in marine outfits and a heavy rolling machine with a crane arm.
What are the odds?
Looting of hospitals, banks, shops, museums, all sorts of former government offices, EXCEPT the 'Ministry of Oil'.
Marines were under orders to protect the Ministry of Oil in Iraq. How can the world at large imagine the oil man Bush, son of the oil man Bush, would craft a war around ousting a competitor, oil man Saddam, to get control of the largest oil reserves on earth?
That would be insane.
Over 600 NEW weapons and warfare related equipment were tested in this little Iraq slaughter. The Pentagon doesn't like to buy weapons unless they have been tested in an actual war.
So if you are in the business of making weapons, it would be really, really lucky for you to have a war happening to get your crap tested so you can sell it.
Since there was so little resistance, getting all those weapons tested must have been a chore.
If no troops dies from chemical exposure, at least the manufacturors of the hundreds of thousands of protective suits can claim the reliability is 100%.
Lucky for Verizon and Sprint, and global Crossing as well, the phone system, such as it was in Bagdad, was destroyed finally. The phone system managed to resist longer than most iraqi military units.
Some loyal, or at least generous, Bush supporters will get to hook up the telephones for all those free Iraqis.
Damn shame they don't have any water.
Or sewers.
Or electricity.
Or food.
Or a currency system.
Or police.
Or medicines.
They got religion though.
Of course, there's a billion or so people out there that carry water miles every day. They have no sewers, electricity, food, currency, police or medicines either.
Some of those people live in what were once the wealthiest and most opulent places on the planet.
Like, ummmm... Bagdad.

May 18, 2003 - Here We Go!

Got that tooth pulled, thank you Ahrlene - wouldn't have done it so soon without ya.
Be back at things before too long I think.
Right now, just looked into a few message boards and I am not encouraged.
More of the same.
Planet X, NWO, aliens, secret government operations, posts from 'aliens', posts from religious zealots leaping chasms of logic in single bound...
You folks stumbling through here or finding this place by accident, get out now! Soon you won't be able to stand television, radio, most foodstuffs or most people.
You will have to work harder to fool yourself. Sometimes it won't even happen - you won't fool yourself anymore and then what???
You gonna 'get real'?
Yeah, that's gonna happen.
So, before you see too much, surf on dudes and dudettes. Nothing but trouble here.

May 20, 2003 - Check This Out!

A PBS program, 'Frontline' has made this video available online. 'A Class Divided'.
Well worth watching and will be linked as long as PBS keeps the video active. Presented in 5 segments, only 46 minutes in total.
It will also be suggested in Raven Worlds and referred to in the discussion/summary of bio/electric human circuits.