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Feb. 7, 2003 Godlike Productions Forum

Thank You for Your attention.

Storm Storm, of course you are not guilty. There are some that contend that no one is 'guilty'. Each of you has a story more heart breaking than the last. Any lucky enough to survive the love of your family had to navigate school systems designed to further breakdown your potentials. In the last fifty years few humans experienced what would be considered a normal puberty or much proper hormonal interaction there-after. Plastic molecules fit neatly into hormonal receptor cells. You are correct in that the cards appear to be stacked against you. What petty little men dream of 'ruling the world'. Guilt, in my estimations, is incurred when one knows the detriment to another your actions will produce and proceed with that knowledge. The argument that humanity is insane and not responsible for any decisions does not sway me. There is no judgement to be placed upon humanity. No 'god' could judge you harsher than you judge yourselves already. How can an 'eternal judgement' be placed upon people when there is a changing set of rules involved? The worst fear in Americans is that they might look foolish in public. What a diabolic crippling psychosis to instill in the minds of such a creative people. Of any people. The inventer of the idea to spread that fear is guilty, meaning, they are responsible.

'Judgement' implies an opinion.

Harming life, consciously, willingly, knowing the result of what you do or do not do will harm another, or kill hundreds, thousands, poison millions of yet unborn children - someone is responsible. You are each responsible for the world, and yet, you can only change yourself. You can focus more on what you want than on what you do not want. Being aware of seeming events, without fear, is possible. How can you be expected to deal with events if you do not know what is truly happening? Some of you may 'tune out' news 'programs' and let your body rest from the overall anxiety of 'the news'.

You can stop the gossip and the subtle shades of violence you inflict on each other and on those not even represented in your forum. You have that ability. You have that control. You have that power. Whether it is utilized or not is a decision. Again, one that you control.

You have a communication ability right now that is the pinnacle of seven thousand years of ongoing development and we see - well, you know what we see these mediums used for. Certainly have fun! Enjoy humor! Consider though, what would you do if in 24 hours there would be no more internet? Are you about to organize in some fashion with your neighbors?

Some of you that read here, some that post, even some that read here because 'it's a living', are 'breaking through' within themselves right now. There are no blueprints or instructions for what you are doing. It HAS to be brand new, spontaneous, even individualized - the method of getting to whatever the 'IT' is that all reach for. While you are all a worry for what you consider the 'secret governmet' you are also a failsafe system in many opinions. If everything goes 'wrong', you folks that 'turn on' are expected to 'save' everyone.

You can easily imagine yourself a fews days in the future. Fairly confident you will be around and reasonably certain of what you will be doing. Next week now - then a month - a year - more. Imagine that 'you' continue, perhaps rebirths on earth and the in-between times. There is a 'you' that exists a hundred years from now, a thousand. They have a vested interest in you here now. Perhaps there is a future you twenty or thirty years hence still living the life you are developing now. At some stage each of you can 'reach back' and assist the you here now. Ask yourself for help. In the same fashion, you can go back to that hurt little boy or girl that was you and be their support. You can be your own 'guardian angel'.

DoubleThink, thank You for the lengthy analysis and the thought and time involved.

By 'whole race', I meant humanity. You certainly have seen that it has been done before. Life continued. 'Enlightened Christians'; I trust you and those friends you mention are intelligent, contemporary thinking people with good hearts and consider yourselves well informed. I mean no disrespect when I point out that the Christian councils that murdered millions of women as witches would have considered themselves 'enlightened', good hearted, contemporay thinking and the smartest ones in the room. The 'NWO' ,or whatever names we use, fear your potential. skip ahead - Rapture/Ascension - 'the rapture' was invented, look it up, ascension is a nebulous concept to most people interested. Both are ways 'out of here' without ever having the human experience of life on earth. No one can save you but yourselves. I've already pointed out saving you isn't my concern. I suspect you can search a data base of recent bills crossreferenced to power plants. It's there. 'Cattle', I literally mean you are what you eat. While yes, humans have been used for study, less fuss is made over cows. 'Braindead unity' is not a desirable thing. Peter Pan; they were 'the lost boys'. How else to phrase the origin of that bit of advice? As for 'some knowing the plan', in Christian writings no one knows the plan or time, and depending on which branches of Christianity one follows, the 'plan' is different.

Question everything. Don't let anyone 'slip one over on you'. DoubleThink is right to examine what seems to be authoratative writing. My agenda here is to call YOU all to a point of order, and have done that. My intention has been to cause you all to examine yourself and bring out the best you have, because nothing less is acceptable any longer.

You read enough books, did enough workshops, beat drums, chanted, meditated, tripped, prayed, sweated, group hugged and you face a war, economic chaos, etc etc etc. Perhaps those things have not worked out so well. You have created a pressure cooker effect that can propell people into the next steps of development. It is still your decision.

Thank you all for participating in this thread. Your thoughts and feelings shared have been appreciated.

CyberSpace Orbit 6/13/03

Dear forum readers, contributors and ESCHELON monitors,

I am not 'Commander X'. He worked with the late Bill Cooper. One of the last interviews with Mr. Cooper is here;

His web site is extensive;

Mr. Cooper had a video available made from the ORIGINAL Zapruder film of the first JFK assasination. There were at least three versions of that film made for the public. In the film offered by Mr. Cooper, the limo driver turns as he almost stops and shoots the President with a silver plated 45 caliber handgun. That is why Mrs. Kennedy tries to escape over that rear seat. The late Presidents regular limo driver has said, privately, that he was phoned at his hotel and told to not work that day, he was sick. I do not know 'Commander X' or have much interest in his personal agenda or plans. 'Commander X' may not even be the original one, or, may have been compromised. You will find supporters and detracters of Mr. Coopers life and work.

My agenda, on the internet, involves freeing information. Not DIS - information. If anyone has found any data I have offered inaccurrate I would expect them to be kind enough to correct the error, publicly and/or privately, although, I don't care to debate nor am I here to take questions. There should be no confusion any longer between myself and 'Commander X'. I have been referred to as 'The Commander' for so long it has become a name as much as a rank. To communicate through e-mail or postal systems I use an intermediary. My intention in contacting Mr. Steadman was to provide a few answers to long running questions. I suggested the forum and his insight took over and has led to the most alive message board on the net. This is a 'reflection' of the interactivity between all of you in what is called, 'higher dimensions' - coming soon to a theater near you.

Lead, follow or get out of the way.


CyberSpace Orbit 6/14/03

"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other." - Mother Teresa

Todger and Warrior -

I am in service to no nation or crown, neither have I anything other than disgust and contempt for what is called the 'royal' family. I'd agree Lady Di was the best thing that ever managed to make its out of that family and if you know her bloodline you know why she was killed. As for insane beliefs, the monarchy in the U.K., as do many world leaders, give lip service to one religious mythos or another but certainly you have seen they never practice what they preach. That's not to say they are sane. Those that truly cling to religious mythologies, believe they are true, are as or more dangerous. How strongly DO good Christians 'believe'? Anyone strapped on a bomb and taken out a cave of evil Al-Queda? Does anyone think President Bush and his associates believe they are fighting evil and it is just a coincidence about the Caspian oil deposits, UNOCAL and that the combatants are all oil billionaires? I'd suggest you express your contempt with celebrity and political figures without using weapons or death references simlpy because in a pinch, it's enough these days to have anyone arrested, oh, pardon me, 'detained'. I'd also suggest that when you're pissed off, point it some place else! You people have no idea how powerful your projected concepts and images and hatreds are, or what it takes to deflect or transmute them, or how a letter like yours, Todger, is like a bleeding wound until it is responded to. Debate is time consuming, not a matter of class distinction.

I've suggested to forum readers a few books, I'll suggest another, 'The Right Use Of Will', - Ceanne de Rohan If you havn't already, 'Prometheus Rising', - Robert Anton WIlson

And you can see this played out right here in the forum, especially in the replies to WWJD - 'The Murder of Christ', - Wilhelm Reich.

The last two are best sought in used book stores. These books explain well how the race got to this point and why it stays here.

And although I've invited correction of errors, Walt Whitman has said, 'It's hard for me to respect a man that only knows one way to spell a word.'