The Commander

War 9/11/02

Can grief be deep enough in a human being to bring about the realization that suffering is not a 'noble' thing? Suffering only perptuates more suffering. Are humans capable yet of a wide enough field of vision to see the consequences of what they do or do not do? Perhaps, within the confines of a 'religious' school in the 'Middle East', a boy is now realizing that what is being put forth as religion is insanity. From your perspective there is no difficulty seeing insanity in a religious system that preaches that the death of Americans is favored by 'God'. Although 'God' is atrributed with being THE major cause of death worldwide. 'God' is claimed to have been on the side of the victor in every war, boxing match and platinum rap CD throughout history. Does anyone really imagine that GOD is really backing up anyone intent on killing another? The Christian religious mythos, while being overwhelmingly 'grey' in many matters is crystal clear on the topic of killing - as are most other religions. "Thou shalt not kill". There were no lawyers involved. There were no special conditions set. Can any Christian, Buddist, Hindu, Muslim or Jew make themself believe that killing or supporting killing brings Divine approval? The words, 'hypocracy' and 'religion' are often found in the vicinity of one another. Will this again be the case? Even consentually diagnosed as insane serial killers KNOW what they do is wrong. Some how, by some miracle, will the next war be what stops war? Will the next murder be the one that ends the killing? Suddenly, all history will reverse itself and killing will no longer perpetuate more killing? Get a fucking grip! Change 'The Middle East'? Give all the women videotape copies of '91/2 Weeks'. With what has been spent financially every Yankee hating Arab could have been given a house, car, tv and cell phone. Amerikanistan. When people consider the financial cost of war, they don't consider where the money ends up. Some one gets to keep that money. Might it be possible that there are individuals that profit by millions, even billions of dollars from war - ANY war - ANY where? And if there are individuals that stand to profit from war might they also 'drum up business'? War drums. Oil drums. It took and act of congress to stop Standard Oil from selling to Hitler during WWII. Couldn't the sale of oil to Hitler be considered a war crime? Many weapons used on Americans by enemy troops are made in the USA. Television 'news' even reports this. How do people think 'the enemy' GOT those weapons?

America was born out of war, as are many nations. America was built on the very land where millions of natives fell and died. Where countless animals were slaughtered - living stock - where entire species of creatures and plants were eradicated. Instant Karma? Not instant, yet, inescapable. 'War' is in the language. Abstracted in the notion of wars on homelessness, drug abuse, poverty, hunger, disease, etc. Sport competitions used the vocabulary of war, all of which should be considered obscenities. People bought into the notion of 'the war between the sexes'. While 'westerners' see 'eastern' religious ideas that glorify killing and death as insane, America holds parades, sings songs, mimmics war with fireworks for the entertainment of one and all.

The vast majority of people that support war have never been IN combat. Calling on another to take someones life on your behalf is quite a responsibility. Response Ability. All the outrage. All the grief. All the loss. There has been no call for 'truth'. In its stead has come a call for revenge. "Vengence is Mine - so sayeth The Lord". Again, completely unmistakable in its meaning. There simply HAS to be a way to live without killing. Even if it has not been discovered yet.

If America is ever to be what it purports to be - a beacon of freedom - then America must FIND this new way of life - only life.