March 16, 2003

ElOnHamRa Prophet of the Derra Con Tor

You are desperate people. Desperate for a bit of information on nearly any topic. Some want tending. For some reason they cannot use a 'search engine' and prefer someone else do the work, provide the data so they can then argue with them. Some have chosen such mosterous names and 'avatars' while others waste time reading those nonsense posts and then participate in the ongoing violence. Some of you post 'humor', greatly appeciated, while others post attempts at humor and of those, simply fine tune your craft. Some of you are just so angry and either feel you cannot direct it at those deserving of it or else you simply do not even Know why you are so angry.

Most of you, are afraid.

Afraid of another war, possibly a world wide war. All wars have always been world wide. Afraid some 'heavenly body' will smash into Earth and many die. Afraid some heavenly body will NOT smash into Earth and you do NOT die. Afraid your saviour of choice will not show up, whether that be Jesus, Budda, Jehovah, Galactic Federaton ships, Ashtar Command, the NWO. Afraid your saviour of choice WILL show up.

Perhaps, you find an item of 'news' and wish to share it. Do you have an insight on the 'news item' or are you just helping what you think of as the 'bad guys' spread fear?

Some of you have only recently noticed a great deal seems to be happening that you were never informed of. Of this group several have become quite opinionated.

And to those intentionally wasting time with mis-information and opinions they hold up as truths, the Sword of Division has fallen and you have chosen.

For many years there was allowed a 'grey area' of decision. You were allowed to 'try out' many different things on either side of a line that has become clearly defined where once it was a grey area. Certain types of behaviors, patterns of thought and 'emotions' gave you the opportunity to experiment and play various games to see what was to your liking or not. Games.

Many have tired of these games. Although, to even walk down a city street you have to participate.

You are not innocent or guilty depending on your choices and preferences. Most of you here will spend time 'helping' annonymous posters with even the most contrived of situations. Even those of you with intimidating names and associate images. It may be a good heart or perhaps an ego problem developed to protect a good heart that answers those calls for help. You know which it is. Sadly you have been convinced hearts need protecting so you rarely bring them out.

Now, there are some of you that have wandered so far out on the edge there is nowhere left to go. You will make paths where there was not even a place to set your foot. Many question themselves that would otherwise simply 'do it'. Fear will keep you watching 'news', spreading the fear and even help you find evidence to support your rationale to be afraid.

It is unacceptable that even one person has lost a means of support, or money saved, let alone an entire country, and beyond, drugged, raped and robbed. You have been made to feel powerless, at remarkable expense. Fortunately, it only takes a few people - even one - to affect massive change in the fabric of 'reality'.

The people of the planet have found a common voice and a common purpose. Three hundred thousand soldiers. Any one that has a mother and father still living should not be there. Parents allowing or encouraging a child to go to war are clearly insane.

There is no longer need for debate or proof of what has been done to countries of the world in the name of greed. You need not prove alien races exist. You need not prove corporations and families of great wealth hold you all hostage and slaving for their comfort, not for yours. And what will be said one unto the other as war ensues, or does not? What will be said if great catastrophe strikes or does not? Doomsayers - standing in the ashes of your exploded and burned home will you be expecting a dial tone so you can get online to say, 'I told you so!'

In such a disaster, all you will have will be each other. If these message boards are an indication of how ALL humans interact, save a bullet for yourself. You will want one. Change your SELF and the world will change. You have control over your SELF. You are not likely to be stopping a tank from firing half way around the world while afraid, although, in clear space you can do just that. How many of you concerned for babies in the Arab lands have collected food, money, blankets for them? Afrika?

I see.

You can INSIST that you BE the best you that is possible. Not 'become' the best you.... that puts it off. Be Now.

If you truly imagine you are the christ or the anti-christ, you are insane, seek help.

Those of you that ARE Great, Ancient and Potent Souls - it is time to step forward and claim that for yourselves.

Lead by example, not by force of words or arms.

The most terrible thing would be that nothing cataclysmic happens and you all continue to die slowly instead of ever living at all.