Raven Worlds

All of this is optimized for 800x600 viewing on the 'Full Screen' setting. Flash and JAVA have crept into the website, so, be prepared.

'Current News and Investigations' contains links to alternative and mainstream news resources as well as links to planetary geophysical events and analysis.

'Alchemistry' is about human bio/electro/magnetic synthesis and exploration. We all have a body, few figure out how to best use it.

'Solar Data' contains links to near real time sattelite images of our star, as well as anomolies captured by NASA, SOHO and LASCO solar observatories.

'Listening To' has a link to my favorite FM radio station as well as some changing mp3's, for educational purposes only of course.

'Command Center' is intended to keep track of changing earth conditions both geophysical and metaphysical..

'Raven Writings' has whatever I write down and decide to post in here instead of on some message board along with selected writings from friends.