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Volume One

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As the summer of 1999 draws to a close in the Americas, attention is turned towards the oncome of the Millenium. The Gregorian calender year 2000 A.D. At the same time the world is bracing for what ever disruption in our creature comforts this little computer glich may bring, the world spiritual communities see this as an auspiscious date. The planetary frequency is rising. That is to say that the actual note produced by our planet has risen in pitch. As fequencies continue to increase, the magnetic fields of the earth continue to drop. While the population prepares for a time of self sufficiency, many people are preparing for a time of self empowerment.

Many predicted scenarios exist for the new year, most are not pleasant by most peoples' estimates. At best, it seems, there will be a temporary discontinuity of electrical and gas services. These two factors alone are extremly far reaching. The official US government position is that you should store a weeks worth of water, food and fuel. Since many areas will be in mid winter during these dates, heat may become quite a concern. If you do not have a fireplace, and no electricity, how will you provide heat for yourself or your family? How much water do you use during a normal day? Can you store enough to get through a week? The Canadian Government is suggesting that its' citzens store enough food and water for one month, per person.

Perhaps the dates will pass and nothing will seem to change. Perhaps all the doomsday prophecies about Y2K will be seen as foolishness left behind as we move into the new millenium. The materials required to more comfortably survive a disruption of utility services, water, heat or food shortages are an investment that can be utilized at any time. Stored supplies can be saved for possible weather emergencies. Having alternative methods for light, heat, food or drinking water is a wise move in any eventuality. Stored foods can be eaten anytime.

I would offer that there will be some disruptions in our day to day life during those first weeks of the year 2000. A variety of perspectives will be provided here as links and you may certainly make your own decision as to how you'll prepare for this date.

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