Mission Status Survey

Information collected is for internal use only.
Data provided will allow us to assess the current status of our operatives.

1a. I am

An Extraterrestrial Master

A member of the Angelic Hosts

A Council, Federation, Alliance and/or Command member

An Interdimensional Adept, Master or Lord

A member of the Special Forces

A Group Soul posing as one individual being

All of the above


2. Are any other members of your household extra-terrestrials?


Yes ( How Many? ) ________

3. Sex; Male Female Androgyn Uncommitted

Race; Human Other ( If you are some form of Android or if you insist on remaining an Alien please do not answer this question, that is not what we meant by 'other' )

5. I am ( choose one )

Vanguard ET

2nd Wave ET

Second Generation ET

Nouveau ET

The following questions are designed to determine your mental attitude toward the mission. We have absolutely no intention of altering the mission based on your response so feel free to answer honestly.

"My honest opinion about/ burning question concerning/ personal denial regarding this mission is;

I don't know what you are talking about. What mission?

Feel free to beam me up. There really isn't any intelligent life down here.

This planet is in no shape for an evolutionary leap. It couldn't withstand an evolutionary hop and I advise immediate reconsideration of the entire plan.

I do not remember signing up for this mission. If I did is there any such thing as a discharge. Dishonorable is fine.

I believe I have struck upon a better planetary transition plan which does not require my direct participation.

I live in Wilton, Connecticut and have mistaken my portfolio for my identity. Is there any possibility of me and my portfolio being restationed at this thime?

This mission is a piece of cake! Where to next? ( Be advised - checking this box will result in further questioning )

7. I expect to be fully active for conscious duty no later than Beyond 2012 you must apply for an extension with your local representative by checking here.

Thank you for your cooperation.