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It appears we have been at a 'cross-roads' for a very long time. The 'cross-roads' have been externalized when the decision to change, to take one path or the other, is what 'being at the cross-road' means. It is not an external decision, only in the analogy.

I am not a world traveler. I do not know enough about Europe, Asia, Africa, China, Australia or South America to give depth to social or political analysis of these countries. I am an American. I do know enough about overall human psychology though to analyse general social trends in humans, and other primates, regardless of nationalities.
Trends that easily include a conditioned preference for ignorance.
A conditioned fear of the unknown.
A conditioned fear of change.

'Prometheus Rising', a section in Raven Worlds, is the title of a book by Robert Anton Wilson. The web section is a summary of a portion of the book explaining how fear is utilized constantly to controll and manipulate humans. I strongly suggest you read through it, then, buy and study the book.
You will most likely be able to find it at a used book dealer as well as online.

It would also be a good idea to keep a search engine open in another web browser. You may quickly research ideas, theories and facts. I prefer Google.

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Everything is exactly the way you think it is.