I've said it before and here I am saying it again; Go get copies of TWO books, for starters.

"Prometheus Rising" by Robert Anton Wilson

"The Murder of Christ" by Wilhelm Reich

Our Story So Far, 2002

Just so we are all on the same page, a brief 'History of the Species' is available online.

Anyone having read Barbara Marciniaks 'Bringers of the Dawn' has an overview of what has caused the roots of the problems humans face. Modern geneticists have found that the same 'gene splicing' they are performing was done to the DNA of the human genome 350,000 years ago.

While people cry and clamor for 'freedom', and others believe they are 'free', nearly everyone for hundreds of thousands of years has been manipulated contrary to the persons best interests.

The manipulation certainly continues and yet is sometimes revealed for what it is these days.

Unfortunately, there is only a small number of people, relative to the six billion plus put forth by the UN as the population total, that are reasonably well informed as to the Earths real histories and as to what is currently occuring, in fact and in theory. 'Facts' being supported by seeming realities and 'theories' being supported by fields of probabilities.

September 23, 2002, appears to have been the closing of a 13,000 year cycle.

So Be It.

The 'New Age' thing hasn't really panned out the way folks had hoped.

Oh, sure, some good things have been spread around and yet once you are in the market place with whatever your great new idea/book/exercise/food/medicine/website/art/service, you are owned by whoever supplies your dollars for what you do.

Rarely do those dollars come from more than one supplier.

Dollars are an abstraction of 'value'.

A 'check' is even more abstract, more un-real.

You can figure credit cards on your own, thank you very much.

I'm not saying don't get rich, just know what it is about.

So there are some things that go against the general 'story' that certainly seem to be true. Evidence of high technolgies have been found dating back millions of years. Cities have been found dating tens of thousands of years old, far older than historians tell you humans had cities. There have been so many lies that the basic premise of 'life' as you know it is a fiction, a myriad of lies, layer upon layer. The history of human-kind was written by whoever won the most recent war. As sources of information became more centralized, the official 'story' became easier to shape and control.

Religions were a big step forward in control.

Television was the final touch.

Consider the many systems available for self conditioning through the repetition of key verbal phrases. A form of hypnosis.

Television is a system for delivering commercials for products and to create public opinion.

Radio now is poised to be as controlled and controlling.

There is evidence that the sun exploded into a giant red ball out to Jupiter, August 7, 1972, leaving the 3rd planet molten and quite barren. A Melchizedek goes on to say that since that point everything has been a hologram generated by 'The Sirians'. The evidence directly opposes what is called reality. If the solar observatory readings taken that day (and subsequent month following) the Earth can not be here as we see it.

'There's a sucker born every minute'

Humans are not that hard to fool.

'Raven Worlds' is my examination into what I believe, into what I know, into what I believe I know and what I know I believe.

Yeah . . . ok . . .

We on the same page now?