The Number of the Beast

In the days of King Solomon gold was measured into bricks called 'talents'. King Solomon was given gold by neighboring Kings and Queens and in return he provided them with Ormus - white powdered gold. One years records showed he had received six hundred and sixty-six talents of gold, a vast sum.

Just as any political public relations department would do the staggering amount was widely publicised. The kings 'greatness' was related to the huge total of gold given that year. It became a folk story and persisted generation after generation. Solomon had become a minor deity as the story spread and persisted.

When the early Roman Catholic Church began to seize power they decided to steer people away from the long beloved and revered King Solomon and used the very story that illustrated his great power to depose him. The number itself, so revered as an accomplishment was twisted into something 'un-holy'.

They invented 'the number of the beast'.

They had no Lucifer or Satan for a thousand years after the concept of the number of the beast, that connection was made much, much later.

Had Solomon received 667 talents that year, or 700, that number would have become the number of the beast.