You Can Believe Anything But Only Understand What Is True

Columbus didn’t discover America.

Jesus didn’t die on a cross.

Newton didn’t get hit in the head with an apple.

From birth, and some claim even before birth, you are taught to accept lie after lie after lie as truth. From perhaps well meaning but drastically misinformed relatives you begin to shape a world view based in superstitions, predjudices and personal neurosis. School perpetuates official versions of history and science. Religions tell you up front that you have to have ‘faith’, not that you should understand anything. Religions will even add in that you can’t understand the plans and purposes of whatever deity they worship so don’t try.
Puberty arrives and you’re told not to touch yourself or anyone else. Myths, legends, rumors, hoaxes and cover-ups. By the time you’re 18 it’s no wonder you’re nuts. You’ve got all this wrong ‘information’ that you are expecting to be able to somehow assemble as you begin your young adult life and yet you can’t seem to make sense of things.

Throughout our lives we are presented with facts and fictions every day. Often, fiction is presented as fact by people that know they are lying – for whatever purpose; usually money and/or power. Sometimes the accepted facts and truths are simply wrong and with the passage of time and improved technologies some real truths are discovered. Even after it started to get around that the earth was not flat an amazing amount of time and resources were spent to try to convince people that the world was indeed flat and you were not only stupid to think otherwise but would burn in hell for eternity after your friends and neighbors stone you to death.
The folks wanting you to believe the world was flat also brought you the witch burnings, the crusades, the inquisition and Jerry Falwell. The European dating system for historical events was set on a misunderstanding of the date of ‘the great flood’ of bible fame. The actual date being off by a thousand years before Noah was born, and older events were misdated exponentially.

Controlling information is not a new idea.
Controlling information world-wide is not a new idea.
Controlling a population by keeping them ignorant is not a new idea.

When everything around you is crazy already, it’s easy to keep slipping in more crazy shit because, “hey – that’s life”, or, “that’s how it goes”, or any of the other phrases used to make the latest crazy shit OK.
It’s been dubbed, ‘de-sensitising’.
Folks don’t like to think to hard about anything because when they do it doesn’t make any sense at some point in the thinking process. Easier to believe in an invisable magical supreme being that is going to somehow take care of everything, eventually.
It’s tough researching Essene customs like hanging someone by rope from a tree, upside down, ( The Hanged Man card in Tarot ) then taking them at sunset into a cave – the womb of the earth – from where they are ‘resurrected’ – born again - the following sunrise.
Which is what happened to Yeshua that became the crucifiction story.
Cruci – Fiction.
But that’s hard to think about.
It’s understandable compared to the nailed up, dying, back to life then off to heaven thing.
But you don’t have to understand what you believe.

Sometimes there’s some really convincing bullshit that goes along with a lie but lately it doesn’t take much to convince people of anything.
Christian deities showing up in grilled cheese sandwhiches and tree fungus.
Lee Harvey Oswald and Arlen Specters single bullet ‘theory’.

How it is that the common sense section of peoples brains don’t rise up and beat the crap out of the rest of the head is beyond me.
The same folks that don’t know how TV works or why water comes out of the faucet have a firm grip on mythologies and the lies that make up almost everything most people ‘know’.

If you are not questioning things that require only faith in lieu of understanding you are already hooked.
If you prefer the mystery to the revelation you are in lock step with the main-stream that gets a tingle out of ‘the unexplained’. You want to keep it mysterious and hang on to that little rush.
Blind faith and obedience – pre-requisites for your chosen gods people – sounds like the ultimate dictator.

People consign their lives, deaths and their concept of their IMMORTAL soul to an ETERNITY of service to a god and system they do not understand yet believe in.
Blind faith and obedience to a god because he has the power to punish you if you don’t comply seems a petty recourse for a ‘supreme’ being that could enlighten as easily as torture and torment for eternity.

If there is anything that you do not understand is it because you’re too stupid or because you didn’t have all the facts?

So, you got the facts and now you understand that thing.

Sure, there are things you know about in the world and don’t have an intimate understanding of how they work.
if you decided to learn you could find out about anything. A greater and greater understanding is in our nature, not blind acceptance.

If you find something you do not understand it is because you either do not have all the information or the information you do have is wrong.