US West, the telephone company, is a pack of lying scumbag bastards. IF you can avoid using them for phone, and especially internet conections, avoid them like you would the plague. Connection speeds are guarenteed at 14,000bps. Even when your computer says you are connected at a faster rate, you still will be connected at a slower speed than indicated. USwest is notorious for over billing its customers. Mistakes in bills run rampant. Trying to get them on the damn telephone is a time consuming process, if you can get them on the phone at ALL.

I have had representatives tell me that USwest NEVER makes a mistake. I asked for clarification and that statement was repeated for me as if I simply did not understand the words. As far as I am aware, only God is incapable of making mistakes and there are a number of arguements one might mount to debate that idea.

US west will tell you that you'll get a 'free' 56K modem after you use the service for 3 months. It has been several years and no one I know has ever seen that 56K modem. Even with the modem, the printed material they provide assures you that you are only guarenteed a 14K connection speed.

A normal phone line consists of 'two parts'. A high frequency line and a low frequency line. Using the high frequency portion of the telephone wire for internet connection is what is expected. USwest is now splitting all phone lines. You will not have a choice if you use them. They are splitting the lines to double the number of subcribers they can carry. Instead of installing new wires, junction boxes and hardware to deal with the number of people using the system, the service simply degenerates to the point where users either settle for the bullshit service or find another phone company.

This phone company also recently got permission from the 'Supreme Court' to sell information about the people that use USwest to who ever wants to purchase it. This may include every place you have ever visited online with a computer, as well as every phone call you ever make.

Do yourself a favor and find another phone service. They are available.