The Walls Came Down

January 10, 2002

They blew the horns and the walls came down.

They had all been warned and the walls came down.

They just stood there laughing.

They're not laughing anymore.

The walls came down.

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What, dear visitor, can I tell you?

We read news papers from around the world, courteously translated into english and available free on-line. We surf web sites meticulously detailing and documenting events that are quite remarkable and of great importance yet never appear in American 'news' medias.

We read the story behind the story that makes it to television and news papers.

We have the opportunity to e-mail and chat with people all over the earth, as long as they are at a computer.

Of 600,000,000 online connections estimated world wide as of January 2002, 43% are in english.

258 million in english, world wide.

Of that number, many are for banking and credit transactions. Many are people that check email and ebay and would never consider searching out and reading some of the things that you and I have.

The highest profile 'Alternative' websites like Art Bell, Laura Lee, Richard Hoagland - even The Drudge Report - do receive millions of hits every day but most are return visits, not new visitors.

The notion that the internet would inform the world instantly of greatness and tradgedy, inventions and deceptions was over stated. We may be well informed but we are a small number by comparison to the total population.

Books and workshops and lecture tours reach a large number of people yet do not convey the constant and changing nature of the world in the same way that the internet can. Books and workshops and lecture tours can promote and provide information but information changes, these days quite quickly. Three million online searches are done daily concerning 'spirituality'.

We have become the 'cult of the web'.

We have looked everyplace, and now here, for answers, sometimes looking for the right questions. I have found things online that have inspired me, horrified me, illuminated me, educated me connected me with people that otherwise I would have never met.

Where else do you find information, besides the internet, concerning;

ChemTrails from planes

Remote Control of the WTC Attack planes




Crop Circles

Ancient Cultures

Sacred Geometry

Mico Chip Implants



Multi-Dimensional Existance and Simultaneous Time

My point is, you have searched for information and understanding to a degree that others have not.

You would not be right here now if that was not so.

You would not be here had you found what you have been looking for, unless you are ensnared in that whole, 'seeking' thing, but that's another story.

Every 'new visitor', every 'new' soul venturing onto the world wide web and at least finding a clue as to what's going on 'out there' in the rest of the world not covered by television and news papers, is of great benefit to the overall consciousness of the species. Yet we are still a small number of people.

A small number of people with an unswerving intention to get to whatever 'It' there is to get to - to find out whatever there is to be be learned and learn it - to understand themselves and thereby understand every one else, well, that small group of people can end up changing everything.

I assure you, We have.

We are now, and may be for some time, in a place where 'focus of attention' is quite important.

You get what you concentrate on.

There has been a real AND a contrived/commercialized outcry for 'unity' - as Americans and as Citizens of Earth.


Speak to someone in a situation where you would probably not.

Send another an e-mail.

Actually write and mail the letters you've passionately imagined but not yet done.

Post on the message board instead of just reading.

Telephone people you love when they cross your mind. Chances are good they are thinking about you too.

These are little things, free or inexpensive. These little things create and maintain a web of inter-connectivity between those who initiate the connection and those receiving/responding to the communication from another person on the planet.

The 'unity' I believe is being sought, by those online and off, is finding out that you are not alone in the things you want and deserve. Discovering that more people want peace than want wars, just as any sane person would. If you, dear reader, would prefer war to peace then yes, you are crazy and could benefit from professional help.

The unity I believe we are seeking is the realization that this is one small planet, we have to all be here together and MUST cooperate to simply survive so let's not draw upon differences when our similarities define our requirements to continue living and to continue evolving.

~Alxander Raven~

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