An American Tune

In my experience, I was promised an America that simply did not exist, that never did exist.
It isn't that America somehow lost its way, it's right on track. Like any culture with superior technologies, white folks rolled right over Native Americans as they plundered readily available resources and stole land. The natives of course had wars and some practiced slavery.
Governments grew out of militias considered 'rebels' by England. 'Freedom Fighters' if you spin it the other way.
These militias and governments formed to protect white peoples rights to kill and steal from the natives.
The governments helped facilitate commerce as well because what good was stolen property if no one wanted to buy it?
After killing the majority of the natives, the rest were herded into reservations and encouraged to die on their own.
A completely corrupt and inept group of old white men were assembled to oversee the lives and finances of the natives. Why they simply didn't enslave the red race instead of all the trouble of bringing over Africans is beyond me.
Civil war - after it was done, old white men in D.C. promised to 'rebuild the south'. Ever been in 'the south'?
WW I - hell, there are countries that don't even exist anymore that the USA has helped to rebuild. WW I US veterns have still not received compensation, health care, pensions etc. If the USA didn't take care of it's own people, why rebuild some foreign country left burning and broken from war?
WW II - gonna help 'rebuild' war torn Europe.... yeah, right.
Korea - Vietnam - Afganistan - Iraq - any different?
Cut US soldiers pay and benefits AS they are being sent to battle.
Now, lets see, while liberating Iraq, no hospitals, schools, certainly not the museum holding the oldest artifacts humans have, were protected by invading troops. No rapes were stopped, no looting discouraged, nuclear plants were 'looted', destruction of anything was OK - EXCEPT the Ministry of Oil building.
US Marines were ordered to protect that.
No water.
No food.
No electric.
No sewers.
No phones.
No health care.
BUT the oil production is rolling along.

On a planet that is overheating and is poisoned in its air and water and soil, continuing burning oil for any reason is insane.
Where so many alternatives are already available and the evidence conclusively shows the detrimental effects of every aspect of the oil industry, continued use is insane.
How could anyone possibly interpret these actions as a self serving move by a president and appointed officials deeply or totally invested in the oil industry?
Well, because it is.

US Arms, the munitions company owned by the USA in which the sitting president of the country is also the CEO.
One consistant feature about war, other than that pesky people dying thing, is that US Arms supplies over 70% of all the weapons used.
In general, if a billion is spent anywhere on bullets, US Arms makes 700 million of that.
If there's not enough business, start a war yourself.
To say America does not profit from war is not accurate.
Several Americans profit nicely from war.
So another bunch of old, white men have been assembled to 'rebuild' Iraq.
The first bunch really blew it. Seems they overlooked a few things, like, Oh.... having someone around that spoke Iraqi.
Just looking at the places the USA has rebuilt recently; Korea, Vietnam, The Balkans, Afganistan - the Iraqi people must be overjoyed with the prospects. Finally, these deprived citizens will be able to steal enough money to buy MacDonalds, CocaCola, or, since they ARE free, Pepsi. Mac n Cheeze dinners and dozens of flavors of Hi-C and Kool Aid. Soon there will be a world heavyweight boxing match and some inane yet popular musical acts will tour the major cities, um, city.

And the whole damn thing just keeps rolling along.

Geographically, Iran must either be taken in war or converted covertly. Either way, Iran must become part of the Bush familys' land portfolio.

As for the 'oil', the Caspian Sea is reported to hold 600 billion dollars worth of gas and oil. That sounds really attractive financially. If it was to be controlled by the USA it seems like a lot of money to add to the flagging economy.

IF, the official version of the US debt is about 6 trillion dollars midway through 2003, 600 billion only makes a small dent. The US national debt rises about $992 million per day since September 30, 2002! (IF the real US debt is about 17 trillion, as many - many sources report, that 600 bil is like a gnat on an elephant.)
War for oil is insane.
Oil is not needed to generate heat, electricity or to power automobiles.
We may want to keep a bit on hand for lubrication.