Being Constructed - 1 - 10 - 2000

Chem Trails /

Chem Trails / Con Trails

I am not going to try to 'convince' anyone of anything here. The evidence is overwhelming. Green Peace is spearheading the investigations on a global scale. Photgraphs, videotapes from private citizens and television crews, thousands of eye-witness accounts and laboratory analysis of the physical evidences leaves only a few theories for what is being done to the populations of our world.

If you have not personally 'had the flu' recently, chances are good you at least know someone who has. The United States has an influenza - ( influence ) EPIDEMIC. It has been engineered. Jet aircraft have been leaving 'con trails' for many years, normally a high altitude water vapor trail. Anyone that looks skyward has seen these.

The 'trails' we are concerned with here are delivered from apparatus on the tail sections of these planes. They criss cross the skies over cites and towns nation wide and around the world in other countries than the U.S.A. A full scale covering creates a 'checkerboard' pattern in the sky that spreads into a thin cloud like cover. Ultimatly this material falls to the ground, a white filiment - like substance.

Before you visit the links to information about this ongoing event, please make a few notes for yourself and family.

Antibiotics are nearly useless against the diseases being spread. They cause further mutations in the already mutated flu materials. Several inexpensive and effective ways exist to relieve and defeat the disease.

Colloidal Silver and Ionic Silver, easily obtainable at most health food stores and vitamin shops. Silver kills ALL virus, bacteria and fungus it contacts in 6 minutes or less. If you have difficulty obtaining Colloidal or Ionic Silver solutions, please click HERE.

Bacterias, fungus and virus' can't live in an oxygen rich environment. Many products are available to increase the oxygen in your bloodstream. The fastest, most readily available means to to BREATH. Not the short shallow intakes of air most people call breathing. Fill and empty your lungs with each breath. Do it for 30 - 45 minutes IN A ROW. Use a comfortable pace.

If you would like to explore a natural enjoyable way of increasing your bodys ability to increase its oxygen content and open healing pathways that are only available through these means, learn about Essential Oils and Aromatherapy.

Increase the vibrational frequency of your body. Look it up, your body has a vibrational frequency of about 72Hz - when you are healthy and happy. Start by smiling. Methods exist for raising your frequency. While Essential Oils have frequencies as high as 320Hz, there is a product that goes much higher - IntraSound.The folks at TriStar have a method to instill a vibration rate of 10 to the 43rd power. That is a 'one' with FORTY-THREE zeros behind it. The documented results of the effects of these products can be called miraculous.

Even though any rational thinking person will be outraged even at the idea that a national and international effort has been underway to infect the citizens of these countries with diseases in secret - in the U.S.A. it is legal.