O.K. - Every Body Got That?

Color Has More Meaning Than Most People Realize


'From the Greek, 'To hide or conceal'

That is curious enough for discussion.

The concept of color goes far deeper than the surface of an object.

Color can be produced in the form of LIGHT using gels and filters.

Color as a liquid has different qualities than color as light or color on a printed medium or monitor or film.

Color can stimulate emotions and memory associations.

Colors are associated with moods and feelings.

Color makes up our interior and exterior environments.

Color is an important part of what we wear, drive, eat and notice


Color in nature serves as warning signs for poisonous plants, insects and animals.

Color has been adapted to our system of warning signs.

Colors Have Much More To Them Than Meets The Eye

When we are choosing a color or a combination of colors in our personal lives, even black and white, we choose with reason and intention.

Color is everywhere, all the time.

Color affects how we feel, what we buy, what we eat and how we speak.