In 1989, the Electric Power Research Institute praised the methodology of a power line study which linked leukemia, prostate and other cancers in young men with chronic exposure to magnetic fields.

Electrical pollution is a subtle pollutant that is slowly harming us. This energy comes through the breaker box and is carried through the electrical wiring to, appliances and electronic equipment in the home. Have you thought what might be on the other side of your electrical box? It could be your bedroom, child's room or a major appliance. Are you having a problem going to sleep, sleeping or waking up in the night? This could be a sign of EMF pollution.

High EMF's can come from such items as TV's, electrical blankets, toasters, baby monitors, office equipment, shop tools, digital clock radios, baseboard heaters, microwave ovens and waterbed heaters.

In November, 1989, the Department of Energy reported that "It has now become generally accepted that there are indeed Biological effects due to magnetic field exposure."