Monster: Steppenwolf
Forever Young: Alphaville
Calling Occupants: Klatuu
Broken Cup: David Wilcox
Hong Kong: Gorillaz
You Can Let Go Now: Crystal Shawanda
She Left Me For Jesus: Hayes Carl
Sister Moonshine: Supertramp
Silent Running: Mike and the Mechanics
Christmas Wish: Tuck and Patti
Mind Games: John Lennon
Lover of the World: Michael Thomlinson
Stones in the Road: Mary Chapin Carpenter
The Shadows Break: Ian Mathews
Higher Ground: Vanessa Williams
What's Next: Jon Astley
Tough Enough: Jonny Klegg and Savuca
This Island Earth: The Nylons
The Lunch Stop: Celestial Navigations
The Valley: Celestial Navigations
Low Life: Roland Orzabal
New World: Karla Bonhoff
Fun Out Of Life: Billie Holiday
Chain Of Anger: David Wilcox
Just For A Minute: Moonshine Babies
The Voice: The Moody Blues