Super Digital Diode

Electrical pollution is a subtle pollutant that is slowly harming us.
This energy comes through the breaker box and is carried through the electrical wiring to, appliances and electronic equipment in the home.
Have you thought what might be on the other side of your electrical box?
It could be your bedroom, child's room or a major appliance. Are you having a problem going to sleep, sleeping or waking up in the night?

This could be a sign of EMF pollution.

DioMid Array

Place the Dio-Md Transmitter in your home or office, providing there is a 3 ft. clearance from walls or large pieces of furniture.
The natural Diode Frequencies broadcast through walls and floors creating its own vortex energy 60 yards in all directions.
If the Dio-Mid Transmitter is used within the correct guidelines, it will give you years of protection.
20 1/2" x 12" x 12"

Super Digital
For digital, wireless and analog. Neutralize harmful energies starting with your home's electrical wiring.
It has been found that the Circuit Breaker Diode affectively helps protect you, your family and pets from harmful EMF radiation emitting from your electrical wiring and many of the electrical devices in your home, shop and office.
The solution to counteract the negative effect of electrical wiring is neutralizing the energy of the electromagnetic fields with our products, which help you live in a more stress free environment.

The DioMid Antenna Array

The Diode Formula is in the base of the Dio-Mid Transmitter.
The energy from the formula is brought up and broadcast out with the double apex pyramid design. The Diomid puts everything on its correct vibratory resonance and has an extra line so that it does not have to be oriented to true North/South directions.

It protects an entire area from
Geopathic Stress
Low-level EMF radiation
High-tension power lines
Microwave Signals
Cellular towers