First of all, the notion of 'Hell' as a place for 'sinners' to spend eternity is ludicrous.If it's true most of us are fucked.

I will say there are 'things' out here that by my estimations of what a demon is meet the bill.Like attracts like.If you spend your time dwelling on death and fears and all that vampire and satanic shit you can attract these beings to you.

If you visit bars regular and get drunk alot the chances are pretty good you've already got some critters attached to your energy field.

No Shit!

Some of them are pretty nasty.Most are just trying to survive, they were brought here accidently.These would leave given the chance but the Big Green Fuckers coming through the portals in the US and Europe are here for a reason.

The 'MARC' Of The Beast?

Multi-task Automated Reader Card.

Every branch of the US military requires you receive one.It's an automated 'dog-tag' they say.It carries all your militery information and who knows what else.

They are implanted in the forehead or the back of a hand.They are powered form the heat releases in these areas.

As a citizen you can voluteer to have one put in now and beat the rush!You can then get your hand or head scanned at the checkout counter at the grocery store.No more pesky cash or check transactions.

You can also be tracked by satellite but hey-

it's for your own good!

Worst Of All

We all know the shit has hit the fan!

We know the meteor shower in November 98 will be devastating.

We know the tectonic plates are moving and there are volcanos poised to go off around the world.

You don't need some government official to come on TV and announce there are UFOs do you?

There wasn't any mafia til 1968 right?

Vietnam was a police action right?

. . .and that single bullet thing still gets me . . .

Yet we'll all go to our jobs.Pay the bills.Plan for retirement.Watch TV and as long as there's electric and running water we'll struggle through.When the utilities stop or storms strike or fires or quakes we'll wait for rescue.And when there is no more money left for rescues and no one left to do the rescuing . . .we'll die.

That's the part of all this that scares the hell out of me!

We know and have the resources to avoid alot of death and pain.

But we won't.