On the turning away. . .

From the pained down-trodden. . .

. . .and the words they say which we won't understand. . .

Don't accept that what's happenning is just a case of others suffering

. . .or you'll find that you're joining in

The Turning Away

Here . . . There Be Dragons

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Art Bell...If You Have Not Heard Of Him You Are Not Paying Attention
Web-Cast AM Radio Program----"The Quickening"
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A Web-Site Of The Hopi Nation
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...uh...Yeah....Like I said...No Other Way To Describe This Place...the World Transformation Network
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Mer Ka Ba Information Through Drunvalo Melchizidek
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An Up To The Minute News Source
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Annie and Byron Kirkwoods Home Pages-Includes Marys Messages-Most Everything You'll Need When The Shift Hits The Fan
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Native American Wisdom, Lore, And Much More
Bruce Cathie EXPLAINS
How Bruce Discovered The World Wide Grid System
World - Wide Weather And Event Watch
If Its Happening On The Face Of The Earth--These Folks Are Usually Right On Top Of It
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