Lightning Bolt

So, you clicked the lightning icon.

This section isn't gentle or pretty.It's mostly true though.

I realize it really isn't a fault of humans to be the way you are.When you were first conceived in our minds you had a fully functioning set of DNA.Six pairs of two stranded helix.These are being rebuilt yet you insist on seeing a doctor or medicating yourselves at the slightest discomfort.

Many of you are experiencing a change in the shape of your head and body.Even fifth dimension has 'form' involved and 'mass' as you understand it-so you will still have your body.It will look a bit different though.

Most importantly, the frequency of the planet is rising quickly.You feel it as heat-anger-despair-any number of emotions yet anger is the most predominant.Created by the repression and frustrations you face in your day to day lives.

How many hours do you spend in gossip?

How much time do you spend watching TV?

If you were dying tomorrow would you want to get into your job to tidy up befoe you died?

Any dead people wish they spent a little more time at the office while alive?