I Have Seen Some Stuff

Every once in awhile I really think I am nuts.So I do a mental inventory of the things I know I've seen or experienced that can't possibly happen.When these things come up in our lives we forget them quickly because they don't make sense.Pay attention to the things you cannot easily explain.

There have been a few times where I actually heard a voice or group of voices where there should have been no sound.Very clear and specific directions or information.So far it hasn't happened alot, yet it has happened.

I am 'clairsentient'.That means I just know stuff.That drove me a little crazy because there were no Angels delivering messages-no dreams-no visions-I would just know something.I didn't even know there was a term for it.

I have watched UFO's up close and at a distance.I have been aboard several that I recall with joy, not fear, and onboard others that the memory still scares the hell out of me and makes me angry.

A very important video tape was in its case in a box on a shelf with a ton of junk atop and around it.I was the only person who knew where it was.When I went to retrieve it, there was nothing visually out of order with this shelf of odds and ends and boxes were 'undisturbed'.

The one tape I was interested in was still in the box with other tapes.It was still in its case.The actual tape though had been yanked from the cassette and crumbled beyond my ability to repair or play.

Other tapes have vanished from safes, safety deposit boxes, personal hiding places and out of collections.

I have been shown skin analysis of alien autopsy videos, showing the difference between latex and organic materials.Some of those autopsies are on organic creatures.

Time is very funny now but in the past I have had experiences with time that stretched it, compressed it, lost it. . .

I've had a dead friend visit me three times while I was awake.

This is a small part of some of those things I inventory that I know I experienced.

If there is even one thing in your life you can't possibly explain, there are probably others you've forgotten.

If just one crop circle has no earthly explaination of how it came to be why isn't every effort being made to understand it?

If only one UFO sighting has no scientific explaination behind it why isn't any federal agency working night and day to explain it to us?

The notion of an incurable disease is ludicrous.

But I digress. . .

How about some pictures?