INFO. . . You Think You Want Some Info?


Wise guy.

The coastlines world wide are about to flood.The Larson Ice Shelf is falling into the ocean.

El Nino? Even hear of it? Well another has begun bigger than the one we are just enjoying now.

Every water source on the planet is tainted.Every person has been irradiated by 'nuclear testing'.The USA just announced it set off 2,000 nukes in space and the dust and debris is now raining into the atmosphere.

Got your Sun-Block?

Every agricultural area of any note has been burned, flooded, diseased, frozen or killed by drought.What are you planning for dinner? Do you know there is a federal law in the USA that makes it illegal for a private citizen to store more than 30 days worth of food?

Remeber Jaques Cousteau? The happy French sailor doing those great TV shows? Once he said the oceans are rapidly dying and we better do something about it he didn't get to make any more TV shows.For that matter he's dead.You know who else is dead? Steve Schiff. New Mexico Congressman that pushed for information about the Roswell UFO crash. Steve and two other congressmen went after the DOD, Air Force, Justice Dept., trying to get information.They DID get cancer, of the face.Makes it hard for a politician to operate looking like that and dying as well.

Sorry if I'm sounding a little bitter.

Evil prospers when good men do nothing.

Some times you just keep hitting that wall over and over and over.Maybe a little piece breaks off, but you have to keep at it.We have spent so many years in ignorance and self imposed bondage to make a few people very comfortable.

Just say 'no'.

Speaking of Just Say No, that Barbara Bushism that made its way into the language.George Bush was the CEO of Zapata Oil doing experimental off shore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico in the 1950's.The CIA came to George and had him do the patriotic thing and allow them to use his oil rigs to ferry in drugs from Korea and Vietnam to avoid customs embarassing questions.The dope would be sold to fund CIA projects.George agreed.George even went on to head the CIA for a time then if you remeber he was even the President of the United he was President the USA went to war with Saddam Hussein to protect the oil fields in Kuwaite.

Remember that?

Those oil fields are owned by Zapata Oil.

Insured by Loyds of London. (incidently, George was knighted by the Queen of England, not bad for a drug smuggler)

Ever hear of MJ-12? Now the Builder Burgers.Cute name huh? Makes you smile. . . well this is the outer circle of what you call the secret government.Al Gore may be the only prominent American politician that is not a member of this group.Bill Clinton joined the day after his good friend and confidant 'committed suicide'.The group was strated in response to the Roswell UFO crash and was initially funded by the Rockefeller family.This group supposedly handles our interstellar relationships.

Remeber the USSR? Big country on the rise for a time? The government wanted to go public with its info on UFOs',psychic phenomenon, you know-all that stuff we wonder about.The 'secret government' didn't want that so the country was dismantled in 90 days.

Ya know, there are alot of reference sources in this site.You can get a search engine and go look some of this stuff up.I'm just tossing it out here,as best as I know this page of info, although a bit rambling, is just da fax-Jack!