You've seen the TV shows, read the books, hell you probably saw Close Encounters more than once. . .

So I realize you're fully informed.

You know there's water on the moon and clouds and a band of vegetation growing along the light to dark border.

You know there are bases on the dark side, not all 'ours'.

You know Mars has quite a bit of past civilization structures and artifacts.

Hell, you probably have figured out the whole NASA program is a sham.

There Is A Huge Picture Loading Below

I was 'abducted' for the first time at the age of four.Living in a three story house with my parents, grand-parents, a brother and a sister.By the time I was seven my parents were taking me to psychiatrists in New York City to see why I was having recurring nightmares about being sucked out of my house and dropped back in through the roof after going to a "hospital' with 'funny looking doctors' that hurt me all the time.

The shrinks had no answers about the nightmares.They did figure out I had an I.Q. of about 160 at age seven.This prompted my parents to buy me a chemistry set, microscope and some electronic junk to play with. I spent alot of time in my 'lab'.

By the time I was ten my mother had had several 'miscarriages' at the three month point of gestation.She has no clear memory of the miscarriages, nor does my father.There were no hospital trips involved. I recall at the time looking through our garbage cans because I thought they had just thrown out the dead babies. Even now, my parents recall several miscarried babies but can't focus on it.

Until I was first hypnotically regressed, I never even considered the possibility that I might have been abducted.My mind couldn't even conceive of the notion.

Sure-I read and saw movies and interviews with abductees, yet I never for a moment imagined it had happened to me.


At four I developed two small bumps on either side of my head.My folks used to joke it was where the little horns were snipped off. . . these were implants.

They were there for many years.I was compulsed to collect information and news.I devoured books on all topics.By ten years I was playing with ouija boards and seances in a mis-directed effort to understand what was happening to me.Eventually, one of these bumps disappeared over night and the other moved to the top of my head OR both were removed and another single one placed on top.

That morning I was a little shakey.

Through Leo Sprinkle, (God bless Leo) I underwent hypnosis and a flood gate opened.Images and memories out of a Star Wars movie.

(Those of you that would rather believe it was some molestation event I was mentally covering up or some other childhood trauma my mind turned into sci-fi. . . go fuck yourself!!!)

I have since had pleasant and unpleasant visitors.The unpleasant ones don't come around anymore because I kicked the little bastards asses. Give a Zeta Reticuli and inch and he'll take all your genetic coding, breed you, strip your DNA helixes down so you barely function and take any loose change out of your pockets.

I have met my 'star family' too.The DOD and the NSA were most interested when they 'dropped' by as well.I might have nixed the whole thing off if those boys hadn't camped out in my yard for a week following me around.

I AM Alpha Centaurian originally.I met the being that designed my DNA. Only in the presence of Angels and Ascended Masters have I ever felt the love that radiated off that 'man'.And for the short time we have spent together that I recall, I miss those beings more than anyone that has ever come and gone from my life.


These days our friend the Zetas' can't come around much in 3D.They can and do insert events into time.As these events are inserted however, Ascended Masters and friendly off world groups work to un-do these time insertions.

We are in a hologram folks, once you get the knack of it-it's simple.

(More on that someplace else)

There are many, shit, you won't believe how many 'alien' groups here now.Most are watching.A few will help if asked.Some will mess around with you if you let them.And I suspect there is a contingency bent on chaos and destruction and might even feel as if this place (and us) belongs to them.

By my estimations, these are not nice guys.

Everything - EVERY THING - is a vibrational frequency.That frequency is what makes it appear as what we see.An apple or a table.A dog or a lamp.A steak dinner or an automobile.Certain frequencies are items we designate as food.

Emotions have a frequency too.What we may think of as the bad guys eat 'fear'.They have a vested interest in farming it, and harvesting it.Some 'humans' in the 'secret governments' have learned to 'eat' this fear vibration as well.