Mr. Raven has stayed active in the research and development areas of cyber-space. He works intimatly with the heads of the largest firms in the industry.
From 1970 to the early 1990's, most of his work was classified Top Secret by the U.S., French, German and Japanese governments so little is known about this time period.

Profile Pages

A great deal of information is available on the nature of Raven. The myths and legends from where came the mans name.Some of these sources are available through the internet and will be provided as links.Yet we at RavensNet Systems have had little personal contact since the organization began in 1947, after the Roswell crash.

It's our understanding that as an acolyte in the service of The Church of the Sub-Genius, Mr.Raven was inspired by Dobbs Himself to begin the electronic work that has now come to be known as the World Wide Web.

Much of the earlier work is still classified by the military.Primarily satelite technologies and holo-field projectors used to maintain the illusion of reality so many of us have come to enjoy.

We have several photographs from what we feel are reliable sources of Mr. Raven that we're including in these profile pages.A short biography of our inner circle staff members is being compiled at this time and will be posted shortly.(Exempting those in the Federal Witness Protection Program)

Strategy meetings are held weekly.

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