A Recent 'Emergence' In The Media

Recently during an impromtu interview with CNN, Bill Gates briefly discussed his relationship with Mr. Raven.

Although his remarks were flattering, he did violate a 'non-disclosure' clause in our standard contract form and is now in litigation with our law firm.

We cannot discuss the case here yet we were advised that displaying the press release in our biography section would be perfectly acceptable from a legal standpoint.

(And will pad out this section neatly)

We Have Some Archieved Photographs

A number of photographs of Mr. Raven have emerged through the years, all from totally reliable sources.

In response to the mail we have recieved requesting information on A. Raven we have assembled this section.

While we at RavensNet cannot vouch for the reliability of the original photographers, we are certain that these are real photographs and were taken at some various points in time.The dating system for our archives photography files was corrupted during a brief uprising in the data entry department back in '87.

Here are the existing photos we do have of Mr. Raven.