How To Get Here

If you take the path through the woods,it's a bit of a climb. The scenery is worth it and there are plenty of interesting stops along the way. If you fly in,it's the second star to the right and straight on 'til morning. Either way,we'll leave the lights on for you...

If you feel there is a lot more 'going on' than you are being told, this might be an interesting visit for you. I would like to cover as many topics as possible, in articles and through links to other places. There will be a chat room dedicated to the discussion of our evolution,and the planetary ascension that is upon us. Making it up this far,you might as well stop in at the house, there will be some reading materials there. We have a great deal to learn in a short time it seems. I am creating this site to share information and philosophies.

The links will lead to the best sites on the subjects at hand. I would appreciate input for other sites dedicated to life.Any that look interesting will find a connection from here.

Ravens Nest

At 6,000 feet above sea level,the psychic air clears... that's why mystics through the ages sought out the mountain tops to commune with the gods.

Get out in nature as often as you can-alone if you're comfortable with that.

The forest is the real world. The mountains or the sea shore... Streams,lakes,meadows,desert...the real world.

I hope to be providing an interesting maze of images and information, some theories and some unusual belief systems.Intended are sections on Magic,Metaphysics, U.F.O.s,Earth Changes and some things you may have never even heard about. Research anything you find interesting or unbelievable.