Our mail comes from all over the planet and the suppliers of the following photographs have asked, well, actually many insisted, that the identities of the photographers be keep secret.While we understand the reasons 'Chicago Tony' didn't want his name mentioned but we can't figure out why Kelsey, Billy or Ftang Gwak want theier names kept out of this.But we are accommodating, so thanks to the annonymous contributers.

All pictures are the property of RavensNet Systems

Mr. Raven at the 1996 RavensNet masked New Years eve ball.

* Mr. Raven is in this photo but we don't know which one is him.We do apologize for this difficulty.However, during that data entry related event, certain bits of data were lost.I don't mean to criticise here but in the name of Dobbs, how can you lose all the dating information for an entire data base.

All right then, lets move on.

Our 'experts' in the dating department claim the items being used in this demonstration of personal magnetism date between circa 1910-1912.Suggesting that either these items are antiques and Mr. Raven is using them to confuse the date of the photograph OR the photo was taken approx. 1912.


Even we have our reservations about this one.

For Adults Only

We have the photo spread done for PlayGirl magazine in the 80's.Kept in the data dept