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The GodBox acts as an aid, similar to arranging crystals or using a mantra or mandala.There are four holoform patterns available in the Beta Test unit-Mer Ka Ba-Dolphin-24^Gold-Environmental Clearing.

As I understand so far, the system sets up a bio-energetic wave-form that you can utilize personally-as a meditation aid, as a personal environmental cleaning 'tool', as a way to allow frequency patterns to re-align themselves in a more appropriate manner.

I have already had some remarkable results using the pre-set controls. As I work with the variations, which are in the millions, more experiential info will be posted here.

Bob Dratch is offering the software and download for free.

He is looking for 'researchers'.You will be asked to turn in some information as you find new settings and experience settings other testers have discovered.

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Thank you for your help.

Alxander Raven

The GodBox

Briefly: The program creates Bioactive Electronic Holoforms. You can attune with these forms for a wide variety of benefits and experiences.The power source for the program is the monitor itself.The program does not interfere with running other applications simultaneously.

Bob Dratch, is looking for people that would like to help test the BETA version now available.

We will be posting Mr. Ravens' experiences and some suggested settings for the calibration dials here in the near future.

Please visit Bobs website and contact him if you would like to help with the research.The program can be downloaded to your PC or laptop if you have the right 'stuff' on your system.

Please visit back here for up-dates on our experiences with the GodBox.

Bio-Energetic Holographic Waveform Generator

The GodBox is a program that will run on your computer when ever you want it to.There are a number of control setting and the wave forms can be customized in so many ways testers are needed to find particular settings that produce particular results.

Two 'hardware' versions of the GodBox has been in operation in Pheonix Arizona,USA.They are being used to eliminate air pollution there very successfully.