True Hearts Desire

This Is For Real and You'll Need Something To Write With and Something To Write On

I'm going to take you through a process.

You will need to think a little bit and make some decisions.

You're doing this in private and it's for your own benefit so be honest with yourself.

You don't ever have to share this with anyone else if you don't want to.

Normally, I wouldn't give the whole process in one step like this.

You'll have to exhibit some self control to benefit the most from this process, completing each step before taking the next one.

If you think you can do this in one sitting, good for you!

Some people take a few minutes, some hours, some days.Many people are very surprised at where they arrive.

Just remember, in the words of 'Joe Jackson',"You can't get what you want 'til you know what you want".

Ready? Make A List

Make a list of numbers from 1 to 21.

Like this:






All the way to 21.

Put them on one page and if you are working on lined paper, you don't need to 'skip' any lines.

Leave enough space for a few words or a sentence after each number.

I'll wait...then scroll down.

Next. . . .

Fill out your list.

The order does not matter.You do not need to begin with the most important things.

List twenty-one things YOU want to do or be.

Perhaps a place you want to visit or live.

Maybe there is something you want to learn about or a skill you want to acquire or improve.

It doesn't matter how impossible the thing might seem or how unlikely it is that you might 'get' what's on the list.

It is important to be honest.

Prima Ballerina? Rock Star? Island Vacation? Millionaire? ( billionaire for those of you alredy millionaires )

What ever goal, hope, dream, ambition you have or had and lost.Put them on your list.

All Done? Got Your List Ready?


You should have a list from 1 to 21, right?

Something at each number that is really important to you, right?

Now, pair off your numbers, like this....

1- 2

3- 4

5- 6

7- 8

All the way to

17 18

just pair off each set of numbers. Then put the remaining three together... 19 20 21

Use a bracket beside each pair of numbers and a bracket on the last three-19, 20 and 21.

Once you have them grouped this way click below and we'll take the next step.