A Revelation ! !

1) Instantly links you to your congregations financial records with special Add/Delete feature!

2) Full access to all police and federal records on 'flock' members!!

3) Complete medical and insurance files at the touch of a button! ! !

4) Fully encrypted system so it's just between you and your deity.

Look At These Features

META Tag Generator

Logo Laboratory

Prayer List / Death Threat Manager

Prophecy Generator

With the Cultware CD in one hand and the religious doctrine of your choice in the other, you can rest assured that YOUR flock is well in hand.

Your hands and those of your chosen Deity!

That's Right!

We are totally compatible with all major religions and every cult registered in the F.B.I. files in Washington D.C.

We even have a section for motorcycle gangs and common street gangs!

Manage your cash flow and keep track of those drug deals.

We continually up-date our weapons database and accept most major credit cards!