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Brain Garden


Nutritionally Dense Food For Today and Tomorrow!

Certified Organically Grown

The Ultimate Addition to Your Food Storage Program

Your Body Has the Ability To Prevent Many Diseases

If You Provide It With Whole Food.

The Brain Garden experience feels like the poise, kindness and patience of an emotionally matured, extended family, a consortium of dreamers and imaginists, wherein each life is honored as a delicate thread pulled by experience of time into the possibilities of an exquisite tapestry in the unfolding of a personal Manifest Destiny...

...an inherent destiny that causes inside of you a sense of being induced into falling in love with life...

a re-enchantment with life, one's own personal life, to live more courageously, to live more passionately, to live more genuinely... to trust the truth of one's own visions and dreams and discoveries, and to dare to live that truth.

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Have you ever heard the tone produced when someone runs a fingertip along the rim of a crystal wine glass? The haunting, etherical crystal tone it produces?

These bowls are produced from 99.99 pure silica - quartz.

Spun and flash fired at 3,000 degrees, the silica crystalizes into a bowl shape capable of producing some very unique sounds. They are played with wands, run along the edges of the rim like the wine glass, yet these tones travle a third of a mile and penetrate anything in that radius.

The benefits are many and will be gone into in greater depth if you would care to pursue this information.

Essential Oils

Traced back 7,000 years into Egypt, Essential Oils are used in many countries as accepted medical care. There are over 150 references to Essential Oils in the Bible. During The Passover Essential Oils were mixed with the lambs blood spread on the doors of the faithful.

The scientific evaluations support the anchient tales about the nature and effects of Essential Oils. Derived totally from plants, flowers, trees, there can be no doubt this gift of Nature has benefitted human kind for millenia.

Hundreds of Essential Oils Herbal and Essential Oil Dietary Supplements Body Care Products


Intrasound™ is a new and unique technology invented by Victor D. Roehrich. It consists of a means of reordering disordered genetic organization in living systems that have DNA as their basic governing means. If one were to think of DNA as the program of a computer system running an organism, then Intrasound™ would correspond to the computer language.

It consists of a nexus of super-holographic fields of phonons, like fields of sound energy that resonate at frequencies reaching into the quintillions per second.

The developers of Intrasound™ have perfected a means of imposing a perfect array of these signals upon a very simple formula of co-polymer gel. This gel can be applied topically to various areas of injury or pathology on human, plant or animal systems; which has resulted in a very high success rate with a wide variety of medical challenges.

Products available include a gel, a dissolvable clay, an energy drink, toothpaste and other applications are being developed.

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