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Sunlight on Water...there is work to do in an individual sense to make sure that you are honoring yourself in a way that supports the total. Because if you work toward the total and have not honored yourself first and filled in all your own spaces and gaps, then you re always going to want someone else to do that for you. In a very beautiful way, you are responsible to do that for yourself first. So when you are bringing people to these spaces, the core of what you are creating, what your model is to be, is that you have already honored yourself and filled in all your blanks and that you do not need that experience in the group. If you need that experience, we recommend that you not be a part of the group. We are saying this so that this message can go out to anyone who is considering being in the group. Any reservation that we have about who is in the group is based on this premise of individuals being responsible for their own wholeness.

Opening Starseed Transmissions and reading its first chapter is like merging one's conscious awareness with some highly eclectic and vastly expanded level of perception and knowing through which one may sometime feel a bit dizzy as when you look down from a towering observation post. The perspective offered by Ken Carey's cosmic guides is magnificent and the sense of belonging to a vast body of conscious beings gives an indefinable feeling of powerful yet benevolent strength as well as a confusing sense of discrepancy between that very feeling and our own weakness and smallness. Like an ignorant visitor discovering an unknown land and its mysterious traditions, we have to stretch our intelligence to accommodate these higher vibrations of thinking and try to fully understand what is being expressed. And quickly we discover that the only way to succeed in grasping what is being presented is to allow ourselves into a non-critical, non-judgemental state of mind where we freely float above our preconditioned thinking for a while, thus permitting the flow of Light and information to enter our minds and circulate in the deeper recesses of our beings where our soul connexions may then be awakened and our inner intuitive, innate knowledge triggered to the instantaneousrecognition of the truthfulness and validity of what entered our minds. Mind-boggling, isn't it! Yet, it is exactly what happens when you survey openly the ideas expressed in these pages...


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