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Transitions Radio Magazine["TRM"] blends a varied pacing of special features, guest interviews, cutting edge information and practical resources, with an eclectic mix of contemporary music.

Conversations center on topics of social responsibility, including interviews with best selling authors and other prominent guests, to lessor known experts in their fields. Music crosses over typical industry classifications to provide a wide range of vocals and instrumentals, acoustic and electronic styles, from the familiar, to the uniquely engaging.

TRM airs on KBAC FM, 98.1 out of Santa Fe, New Mexico (and 95.9 in Albuquerque), 8:55 am to 12 noon MT, Sundays. To listen live on the web and for more inormation, click the Trasitions Radio Banner and explore the site.

TRM, and predecessor show COSMOSIS, date back to February of 1984, when first conceived by creator/producer, Alan Hutner. Over the years, the show has become one of the most highly rated, widely listened to specialty radio programs, with a large and loyal following in New Mexico. Still hosted and produced by Alan Hutner, with on air and behind the scene support from co-host Elizabeth Rose and other team members, TRANSITIONS reflects the ongoing refinements of over twelve years of broadcasting experience, spanning 5 stations in New Mexico.

Alan and Elizabeth

Ravenwoods Home

If you would like more information or to contact Chris and Singh by email, please feel free to do so.

Chris and Singh
VA and NM
United States and United Kingdom

Chris Richardson and 'Singh'

Hosted by Alan Hutner

Chris Richardson

Chris has experienced ecounters and visitaions of a spiritual nature since he was a boy in England. Born in 1952, Worthing-Sussex .

At the age of 6, Chris had noted psychic abilities and was far more aware and sensitve to such things than the other children. These gifts and talents lay quietly behind the scenes until 1974 when Chis read Edgar Cayces' work on E.S.P. Doors were thrown open and many abilities emerged.

Chris studied with a protege' of Rev. Alex Orbito - reknown Phillipine psychic surgeon - and was trained as a Reiki Master through the Rev. Harry Ballow of Virginia Beach, Virgina. Using all these abilities and with the guidance of 'Singh', whom Chris can trance channel, he has developed a variety of healing modalities that are totally effective and has already touched many thousands of peoples lives.

'Singh', the spiritual guide that Chris channels as a trance medium is an entertaining and powerful being. His ability to unify and harmonize a group before a channeling session is amazing in itself. Singh is able to heal and give very acurate insights into a persons life in person, via phone, radio, televion, computers. His energy can travle electronic mediums.

Group and pesonal healings and channelings are always memorable experiences. Singh will be on the air with Alan Hutner Sunday morning December 20th in 'The Spotlight',and again as the featured guests Sunday, December 27. Chris and Singh will be at University of New Mexico January 7th for a group channeling and healing.

Chris will be in Albuquerque New Mexico until January 14th and will be available for personal and group channeling and healing works from December 20th through to January 14th. A space has been prepared in Albuquerque for individual sessions.

Chris can channel Singh quite effectively over the telephone and will engage in private phone readings.

If you have a group and would like to host an afternoon or evening with Chris and Singh, or to arrange a private session, please contact Kim Taylor - (505) 890-0437.

Chris Richardson

Please check back for updates and additional information about Chris and Singhs' appearances and web site.