The Revelation As Seen By John

Apocalypse is the Greek word for the book of Revelations in the Christian bible.

It fore tells of a time when humankind would fall low once again.

A time when the air and waters were poisoned, disease and plague runs rampant and a madness takes over the minds of many people in the suffering.

John saw war at a level he could not comprehend.He saw the formation of a European political coalition, NATO, and he saw terrible storms and violence from the earth.

He saw fires raining down from the skies.The oceans dry up.The sun killing everything it shone upon.

He saw a land devoid of life and a people that prayed for death, yet death would not deliver them from the suffering and pain.

The Anti-Christ

The name, even though it should be so offensive to our sensibilities our stomachs should ache just seeing it, has become so ingrained in American pop culture that it doesn't.

There is an energy associated with it that many people have taken on by identifying with bands and films that glamorize the concept.

Governments have glaomorized war so as to lead people to the notion that it's a noble and just endeavor.

Combat and victory in combat has been glamorized world wide, for profits by the corporations doing the commercialization and merchandising of war related toys and games.

Glamour:The seemingly real appearance of an illusion.

Ryan, my friend, this section is taking you to a place I don't believe you expected to travel.It leads to information that, once known, is hard to forget.

The Following May Not Be Pretty