A Little Experiment

If you have been here before at Ravenwoods you know there's anough 'strange stuff' in here already.

Lets see if we can crank it up a notch!

I know a person can collect evidence to support any position or point of view.There are events in motion on our little rock and great lies have been held up as truths.

Laws written by men to help make rich men richer and presented as 'Law'

It is almost laughable.

Well, in this little part of cyber space I get to present some personal collections of 'evidence' and a few observations - hoping to keep away from 'opinions'.

I can almost gaurentee it will ramble around a bit, not exactly 'stream of consciousness' more like a


Right Now

Lets start with Emmanuel Ben Joseph - Jesus.Just try on the idea that when the soldiers came to arrest Him, the disciples turned over one of the lunatics roaming the streets proclaiming to be THE Christ. The man of course continued the psychosis, carried the cross and was nailed to it.All the friends of Jesus that came to see him were quoted as saying...(paraphrasing here)..."That ain't the guy!"

Move to point two;Jesus and Mary Magdelene had a daughter, named Sara.

Number three.'Fatima'.The church decided not to tell anyone what the 'Third Secret of Fatima' is even though the being that appeared was deemed Mary, Mother of Jesus by the church and instructed the Third Secret be made public no later than 1960.The church decided it knows better what to do than She I guess. Folks you are living in the Third Secret now, it is unfolding.Right now the information about Sara is being moved from your easy reach.

Right now the evidence that shows Her bloodline descends into the Stewart family of England is being hidden again.The Windsor family has considerable power still.

Imagine Lady Di, descended from Jesus bloodline, and the truth comes out...can't have that happen now can we?

What if folks find out the 'Revolutionary War' the USA is so proud of participating in was a plan to allow the USA the notion of governing itself, and by democracy no less!Free from the crown and it's agenda.

Wake up and snort the coffee.

What happens when folks find out George Bush, now Sir George Bush since being knighted by the Queen of England, owns the oil fields in Kuwait?Any body care?

Any body else think Kenneth Starr really is running damage control for the White House?I know I have this suspicious nature but why is all the attention focused on Bill and Monica having sex and not the inordinately large number of folks involved with the administration have died.Oh yeah...that's right...all suicides...sorry...forgot. Remember that pesky Iran-Contra thing?You know where the planes were landing and loading in the USA?-Arkansas- Governor Clinton ordered the police and military to leave the airfield alone that was being used.

You folks know that Monicas next door neighbor is Bob Dole?

The rumors have Monica pregnant now.

New Topic.........Art Bell. If you don't know the name-doesn't matter. God bless him for bringing some of the things to light that he has - BUT...Art is a high level Free Mason,you know, those 'New World Order' folks?You'll hear plenty of scary shit on his shows yet he simply cuts off the guest or caller when they get into an area he doesn't want to go.He refuses to speak about the Masons although he professes Truth above all else.

You may begin to notice almost no USEFUL information gets on the air - Oh scary predictions and stuff that appears unexplainable sure - yet tools to better your life? Where are they? Oprah Winfrey does a fabulous job of giving people tools and techniques to use to better them selves and society.She has a 1 hour show.Art has 5 hours and pretty much gives you nothing but speculation and fearful scenarios. Just an observation.

Got a question...why is it OK for TV, network, to show prolonged graphic scenes-both real and studio creataed-that depict violent murders, disembowelments, war, the whole damn world is talking about the President of the US having sex...but TV won't show a naked human body?

We can watch a spouse kill their mate BUT we can't see them make love.