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Post a message on any topic you like.The messages can be viewed by any visitors to the Board Room.Please check spelling and links you may provide for accuracy.

Message Board Room

Ravens Room Chat

This is a real time chat area.You can add URLs,email links and images although they are 75x120 pixels or so.Users can email you during chat or after, if you leave an address.Any system short of an Atari 'Pong Game' should be able to post and read here.
Ravens Room Chat

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Ravenwoods Home

RavensNet Inter-Species Communications Center

These forums are open to all Ravenwoods guests and should be accessible through even the wierdest and oldest of computing systems.

Postings and discussions on topics that brought you here are encouraged.

-Deep Thoughts-Jokes-Concerns of the Spirit Earth Changes-Y2K-Politics-Dreams-Songs-Poems-Announcements-Pronouncements-

Please leave website links of interest.

Please write down your 'name' and password.You can create a short profile of yourself and interests if you like.Other visitors can choose to view your profile.

In chat, you may contact others in private if you'd care to.Board Room messages are archived for 60 days then deleted automatically so, don't take it personal.Chat messages are on the move.

We do not control the advertising of these forums sponsors.

Complaints may be registered with RNS Personell Dept.

Please bookmark us and come back.

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If You Are Having A Problem

...with the Message Board or Real Time Chat we mean...

'Read Directions'

Even if you already studied it once or twice, give it one more look.

Be nice to each other! You can disagree BUT life is short -

Don't Be A Dick!