Who has it?

How'd they get it?

'They' don't control ME!

As long as you believe that there is something outside of yourself that is greater or more powerful, then yes, you are being manipulated and controlled.

It's a planetary concern so don't feel singled out.

We are watching as the Earth that sustains us cries out for mercy from Her children. Our planet crosses a specific juncture in 1999, and begins a short period of preperation for a major transitionary opportunity.

Perhaps the details of these events have not come to your notice. It is because what you DO receive as 'news' are merely commercial programs to sell sponsors products.

No 'news' of any great importance is put before the public eye for long, if at all. With the amazing collective resources of the worlds countries, any important topics have been given a wide berth. Avoidance in reporting events and no investigation into events that even if they were isolated and singular should be given as much attention as the popular 'World Minute' news format.

No governmental resources are squandered on questions like 'How did we get here', and 'Why did we come'...

Religious mythologies are left to fill in the answers to the most pertinent questions we can pose as a race.

The few souls that are able to collect and make sense of the earthly records, scattered and hidden, reach a relatively small audience in presenting the information.

As a race we are approaching a point where we are aware, even unconsciously, that we are much greater beings than we are led to believe. We 'feel' something as yet undefined which is to be what we are to become.

We are creating it now.

It is still without definition as millions of more additions and changes are being made constantly.

When the new world births itself it will be a surprise and yet as familiar as your own bed.

Be aware.

IF you, as a human being were not such a potentially powerful creature why would such an enormous effort be mounted to keep you ignorant of the very basic Laws and Histories of this planet?

With all the worlds research, what does anyone know about the Great Pyramid at Giza or the Sphinx? Are these undeciperable mysteries? That in itself should stir the intensity of the 'investigation'.


If only ONE crop circle remained unexplained, are we simply unable as a race to figure this out?


If only ONE ufo report went unresolved, why aren't the entire worlds resources directed towards what may be the MOST significant 'discovery' in all the earths 'history'.

It would seem as though everyone on earth would much rather know about celebrity sex lives, the most horriffic murders and 'warnings' of every variety.

What if instead we asked, demanded to know...

Where do I come from?

Why am I here?

Where are we heading?