Are You Concerned About Security On The Internet?

Well friends-worry no more!

We at RavensNet Systems never engage in hacking activities, yet we are certain of a few things in this arena.

It is our belief that the whole internet can be brought down in about twenty minutes.

Less if there's alot of coffee involved.

It has also come to our attention that the US Pentagon has been hacked several times by teens...that the Pentagon is aware of.

The largest financial institutions have been hacked.We rightly expect these types of organizations to have the highest security levels on the systems they use.

Unfortunatly they do.

There is a new encryption program available.It is being hotly contested by the US government because it is so hard to crack the codes that goverment agencies would be hard pressed to 'hack' these protected systems themselves.

Can God create a rock that is too heavy for Him to lift?

...and should He?

Are You Worried About Your Computer?

Every place your computer has ever connected too is logged and recorded.


Every e-mail sent and every image saved to disc.

Don't take it personal.

A 'prospective' employer...

(speaking theoretically)

...could access your e-mail, view every page you ever visited and make note of every image you thought enough of to download.Every 'chat' you have and every net-call.View any financial transactions made and who with.See what programs you have downloaded and from where.Any thing you have posted in a newsgroup and anything you have read in a newsgroup.

And then make a decision about hiring you or not.

That part is all LEGAL.

The laws about what you 'can and can't' do from your computer vary from state to state in the US.It is quite confusing.You can break laws by clicking accidently on the wrong icon or opening an email that immediatly links you to porn sites that open faster than you can close them off your screen with 'push' technology pop-up windows.

If your job already involves a computer-don't imagine there is anything you have ever done on that machine that isn't recorded someplace.

(unless you are really good and can hide your tracks)