Ready For The Next Step?

This Part Should Be Really Easy AND Really Hard To Do

Sound like fun?

Alright now, look at number one and two.The first pair on your list.

Which one is more important to YOU than the other?

Cross off the one that is less important to you.

Go ahead!


Next set, numbers three and four.

Which is most important? Cross off the other.

Go all the way to #18 this way, cross off the least important one in each pair....

Now take 19, 20 and 21 and cross off one.

OK Now Take What's Left.....

Now pair off the remaining items and group the last three together.

Just use new brackets, you don't need to re-write the list.

Now cross off one from each of pairs and one from the group of three at the end of the list.

So Now You Should Have Six Items Left

Now you should have six items,pair them off,cross off one from each pair.

Now there are three items.

Cross off one.

Now there should be only two items left.

Cross off the least important one.

Pay attention to what you have there now.

This should be your true hearts desire.

Tell us if it worked.

*A side note*

Your desires may change.That's OK.When you feel the shift do this again.Identify the 'new' thing you want.

When you know what you want

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