O.K. So You Know What You Want

How do you GET "it"?

Without going into anything too deep here, we'll offer a few simple, proven methods to get you on the right track.

This one you can actually put down on paper or just read through it and get the point.We would suggest you DO get a spiral note book and start doing some paperwork for yourself.These days, with everyone feeling the symtoms of CRS*,writing things down can be quite helpful.

Many people feel that reading an exercise is the same as doing the exercise.

We suggest you reconsider that position if it is yours.

Think about jogging for 30 minutes. . . got it?

Now go jog for 30 minutes.......aahhhhhhh.....big difference, 'eh?

So, if you don't normally bother writing this stuff down or actually doing the mental processes involved in the suggested steps, try it.

We realaize that anyone with your mental capabilities could do these easily in your head, in a flash, humor us,


*CRS: Can't Remember Sh*t

You'll Need Three Sheets Of Paper

If you are going to write this one down you'll need three.

They can be together in a book or loose.

Make three headings, one on each piece of paper.




On the "Yesterday" page write down just about every little thing you did yesterday.

Go on.We'll wait.

O.K.? Cool.....

Now on the "Today" page, write down what you did today.Up til now anyway.

Got that one done?

You're so sharp you probably see where this is going already.People probably say that about you all the time.

On the "Tomorrow" page, write out everything you expect to do tomorrow.

Spread the three pages out so you can glance them over easily if thats possible in the space you have.

Now, since you know what you really, really want, whether it's a new car, house, to become a brain surgeon or astronaut, paying the electric bill. . .WHATEVER. . .

Is there anything you did yesterday, today or have planned for tomorrow that will bring you closer to what you want?

If there is even one thing, that's better than most lists.

If there isn't anything there, do one thing tomorrow that will bring you closer to it.If it's a new car-go to a car lot and just pick up some literature...walk around a bit.Brain surgeon?Don't cut anyones head open right away-go watch an operation.Get some books-do one thing tomorrow to bring you a little closer to what you want.

I heard one guy went to a car dealer and had pictures taken of himself behind the wheel of the car he wanted.Pinned the pictures up around the house.In a month he had the car.

Build up a momentum.And keep your mouth shut!Telling people ALL about whatever it is you're doing, you lose energy that way.

You get what you concentrate on.

It's the Law here.